Planning a Styled Shoot?? Here Are My Favorite Props that Most Blog Editors Will Eat Up While They Review Your Submission:

Planning a Styled Shoot??  Here Are My Favorite Props that Most Blog Editors Will Eat Up While They Review Your Submission:

In the 8 years I ran Style Unveiled I probably looked at 5 submissions PER DAY ... someone do the math??  Not all were a fit and it was always a bummer for me to tell somebody who had worked so hard on a shoot "no, this is not a fit for SU" ... and now I am on the other side of things:  submitting for my clients(!!!!) and it's terrifying!!!!  

While, obviously, you want to have strong photography, strong details, and real(!!) models for any shoot you produce and plan to submit, there are a few fun things you can add to create a unique style to your editorial submission that most blog editors will go gaga over:

>> Vintage Umbrellas <<

While it may be my Seattle upbringing that makes me love a fluttery umbrella - I think most people can agree that umbrellas are the sweetest ... especially vintage umbrellas!!  If you are looking for an adorable prop that can add that 'special something' to your images then you have to check out Bella Umbrella.  Bella Umbrella carries the LARGEST (and maybe only!!) vintage umbrella collection for rent in the world!!  I have been very fortunate to work with Jodell (the owner) for almost 10 years now!!  I used her umbrellas in my wedding planner days ... featured her on Style Unveiled ... and am still working with her now as The Editor's Touch!  Check them out yourself and be sure and tell your brides about them too!  You can follow Bella Umbrella on Instagram here.

images below photographed by Anne Robert

>> An Engagement Ring Box <<

The Mrs. Box is taking over the world it seems and I looooove it!!  These velvet-y boxes for your rock hold just the thing your images need to stand out ... they come in only a bagillion colors and will definitely make any blog editor stay a little bit longer on your submission.  You can follow The Mrs. Box on Instagram here.

(photo is by Jose Villa with Joel Serrato featuring Trumpet and Horn rings styled by Type A Society)

The Mrs. Box | Velvet Engagement Ring Boxes | Props for a Wedding Shoot | The Editor's Touch

>> Incredible Ribbons <<

Ribbon can add that extra something to pretty much anything!!  Twirl some around the invitation suite, add some to a bouquet, tie a ribbon sash around the model's waist, tie some to the vintage Bella Umbrella you just rented ... keep those ideas coming!!  There is nothing that a bit of ribbon can't make delicious and full of texture and depth ... and FrouFrou Chic has THEE ribbons ... to die for ribbons.

photos by Erich Mcvey and bouquets by Tinge Floral

>> Macarons <<

Throw in a dainty French dessert and the photo automatically becomes a win ... ever notice that??  Macarons make people smile ... they make people create Pinterest boards dedicated to this deliciousness ... I know I squeal when I see them!  So throw a few of these in your shoot - matching the color theme, of course - and you've just upped your chances at a 'yes' from the blog editor of your choice.

image by Megan Clouse

Black Macarons | Megan Clouse Photography | Props for a Styled Shoot | The Editor's Touch

>> A Furry Friend <<

Send me a dog, or a cat, or a goat all dressed up in their wedding best and I'm all over that sh*t.  Furry friends cuddling up to a bride and groom soften the editor's heart who is looking at the images ... they are now attached to an animal ... yeah, trickery!!!  But, it may work ;)  

images by Alante Photography

Alante Photography | Dogs In Wedding | The Editor's Touch

Obviously if you have sh*tty photography for your shoot it doesn't matter what you include as a prop - it most likely won't be accepted for a published feature ... but if you have STRONG photography, real models that know how to behave in front of the camera, beautiful details, and THEN you add these props ... WIN for sure.

XO~ Heather

Psssssst ... what are some of the prop ideas I'm missing??  Tell me in comments and share the company name you love most and I'll check it out!