I Have Nothing But Love For This Beautiful Website I Designed For Katie Linter!

The Editor’s Touch is THE best! I honestly couldn’t be happier with the way my new website turned out ... I can’t stop visiting my own site to admire all the new changes. Heather was such a dream to work with and incredibly fast! I have already referred her services to so many of my friends and only wish I had more projects so I could continue to work with her :) Thank you, Heather!!!!
— Katie Linter, First Comes Love Events

Katie of First Come Love Events is scheduled to be on my calendar at the end of June ... early July to begin her website design with me ;)  BUT ... I had a crazy burst of creative energy that was directly inspired by her brand, personality, events, and sweetness ... and sooooooo .... I started early and now we are having a launch party for her NEW WEBSITE that I am beyond obsessed with.

How can I explain what it was like to work with Katie of First Comes Love Events, a wedding planner in Beverly Hills ... well, just throw every positive and awesome word that you know out there and that will do it.  Katie Linter is AMAZING and working with her was a dream.  The process of designing for Katie allowed me to tap into my intuition and design FOR HER a website that was exactly what she wanted ... 

Below is the scrolling and 'click worthy' homepage I designed for First Comes Love Events:

Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch

I had so much fun playing with diagonal lines and geometric shapes ... when it came time for her portfolio I came up with an energetic thumbnail look that supported the rest of the website:

Website Designer For Wedding Professionals and Creatives | The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Web Design

I am so curious to see what this new website look does for the already VERY successful business that Katie Linter has grown in Southern California ... I already am seeing her Squarespace analytics looking better .. and it's only been a week!

Website Designer For Beverly Hills Wedding Planning Boutique First Comes Love Events | The Editor's Touch

Next up for Katie and I???  I'm lucky enough to continue working with her on marketing materials that will reflect her online look and brand ... SO EXCITED to see what ends up happening with those!

View the live and launched website here:  http://www.firstcomeslove-events.com/

XO~ Heather