Got 5 Minutes? | Here Is A List of FIVE Minute Tasks That Can Make A BIG Difference

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For a business owner, the idea of having extra time can be foreign ... what is this extra time you speak of??  And where can I get some??  Trust me: I know.  But, in the case you find that you either want a quick switch of gears or do have a bit of extra time on your hands, here are some 5 minute tasks you could consider doing that can make a BIG impact :)

>> 5 Minute Tasks <<

__ update your email signature - new logo? new press? new badges to show off? add them!

__ do two social media tasks from the daily checklist.

__ check your website traffic and see if there is a blog sending you visitors.  go leave a thank you comment on that post.

__ check your website traffic.  investigate any new sources and add them to your press credits.

__ check your website traffic.  look at your most popular content and promote it.

__ search the word 'unsubscribe' in your email.  this will reveal lots of newsletters.  unsubscribe from any that you no longer want to receive.

I'm sure I will come up with LOTS more for you soon ;)  And if you missed my morning post about social media checklist ideas << go see!!

XO~ Heather