Floral Designer Websites I've Designed!


I absolutely LOVE designing websites for floral designers …. a different strategy comes into play when I think of how to use the 5 second rule (which is that someone will stay on the homepage of your website for 5 seconds or less and either click out or click to another page) << to make sure there isn’t any confusion with what my client does and how they do it … I don’t want them to be confused for a wedding planner or a photographer … I want people to know EXACTLY where they work and what they offer … and, beyond anything else, I want the website to be VISUALLY STUNNING so that potential clients who will be looking and NOT READING (which is pretty typical these days) to make decisions, are beyond impressed …

I wanted to share 6 websites that I’ve designed for wedding and event floral designers … I’ve had so much fun creating these! Starting with …

LA MUSA DE Las Flores

Creating an online space for Gabriela of La Musa De Las Flores was such an incredible experience! Gabriela is a world renowned florist who has an amazing garden in Mexico and teaches workshops all over the world! She was amazing to work with!

ANNA Le Pley Taylor

The website I designed for Anna Le Pley Taylor is one of my all time favorites … below is the scrolling homepage I designed which still blows me away …


I love how it cascades down the homepage with ‘clickable’ options for viewers … showcasing the amazing floral designs my client creates every step of the way!

nectar + bloom floral design

It was so much fun designing this modern, feminine, and breathable online space for Jen of Nectar and Bloom Floral Design … I loved playing with lines and diagonal shapes to give it an edge, while balancing it with the femininity of Jen’s floral creations … such a fun one … below is the full scrolling home landing page I designed for Jen:


Jen teaches one on one classes and group workshops for aspiring floral designers … definitely check out her schedule to see when the next ones are!


WE ARE SO EXCITED about our new site!!! We asked Heather to come up with a creative and fun design and she did not disappoint! We absolutely loved her ideas, her professionalism, her sense of humor through the design process (so important!), her quick response times, and her can-do attitude. Just a lovely experience all the way around. We would definitely recommend her again and again!

Designing a website for Bree and Freddie of Rockrose Floral in Santa Barbara was incredible … they are SO TALENTED and their branding really spoke to me … such fun colors and fonts to be inspired by … I loved playing with ‘color names’ on their portfolio thumbnails … as showcased below:



I have been working with Isari Floral Design Studio since my days as the blog editor and founder of Style Unveiled … so it was a true honor when Tam hired me to design the Isari website … their work is TOP NOTCH and they work with the most amazing photographers … so it was fun to have the best of the best materials to design a website with!

Thistle + Blooms Floral Design

I cannot rave enough about how easy it was to work with Heather!!! She was able to organize my pictures and thoughts so beautifully. She was so timely in getting back to me and answering all my questions. I feel like my Squarespace website finally reflects my work! If you are even thinking about re-doing your web site I recommend just reaching out. It’s seriously worth every penny!

When Thistle and Blooms came to me saying they would love to have The Windsor from my exclusive Squarespace template collection as their website, I was SO EXCITED because I hadn’t created The Windsor for a client yet … below is the homepage I designed for Thistle and Blooms:


I am sooooo in love with what was built on my desk for Kelly … it so beyond beautiful!!!

And One More For Fun …


The mockup shown above is one that is about to launch for Studio Fleurish … I’m so excited to elevate Nadine’s brand online and give her a tool that will help her kill it even more with her floral design business!

Ok, hopefully these 7 florist websites made your Friday feel even more beautiful … have an amazing weekend!

XO~ Heather

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