OMG That Sucky Blog Editor Forgot to Credit My Work! | The Reasons a Credit Can Accidentally Be Left Out of a Feature

when published features don't credit you | The Editor's Touch

You work your ass off on a wedding or a styled shoot and the day comes when the email of an approved feature hits your inbox ... you are ecstatic!!  You circle the date in neon orange pen on your calendar and make sure to set an alert on your phone ... you will be promoting that feature like crazy!!  The day comes ... you RACE to the blog and quickly scan the feature to see how they mentioned your work and how you are credited ... STUNNED SILENCE:  your name is nowhere to be found.

>> Well, Crap!!!!! <<

Are you angry?  Yeah!!!  Are you sad??  Yep!!  Do you want to scream at the editor of the blog who left you out ON PURPOSE!!??  <<< hold the phone for a second ... is this what you really think?  That the blog editor purposefully left you out of the credits?  And that is where my story shall begin:

I would say that 75% of the emails I received while running Style Unveiled about missing credits were in a very accusatory and angry tone ... and each and every time, whether it was year 1 or year 7 of being a wedding blog editor I always had the same reaction: uhhhh, srsly???

>> Think About It: How Does Leaving a Credit Out Help a Blog Editor? <<

It doesn't.  The most exciting thing (for me anyway) was when a wedding professional came to me and said: I have had so many inquiries and clicks from Style Unveiled!!  Thank you for featuring me!! ... if they aren't credited, those types of celebrations can't happen.  So why do credits get left out sometimes?  Here are a handful of reasons you could consider:

  • If the bride was the one filling out the questions, she may have forgotten to list you
  • The wedding pro in charge of sending us everything we needed forgot to list you
  • ... we are having one of those 'we are going to be a human' days
Please Don't Make Me Adult

I have had LOTS of 'we are going to be a human' days in my reign as the editor for Style Unveiled ... I forgot to hit save after I added the credits, I was so tired from no sleep the night before I left out the florist credit, I had kids jumping up and down on my lap while putting together a feature and linked the wrong website to the photography text credit << I could go ON and ON and ON ... but I think you get the point ;)

Here is my tip: when you have the knee jerk reaction to get pissy and YELL through your email or come down on us in an accusatory way ... remember that we WANT to credit you!!  It's our #1 job as editors ... and a simple "hey, I looooooove the feature but sadly my credit is missing ... could you please add me because I can't wait to pass the link around" is all we need ;)

XO~ Heather