Business Owners Need To Respect The Purposes Of The Client Submission Form

Form Submission Etiquette Between Business Owners | The Editor's Touch

There are many of you who will judge me for what I'm about to say.  They will think "Man, what a bitch!!  Who does she think she is??" .... I am prepared for that because what I am about to say needs to be said:

Stop Using My Potential Client Submission Form To Contact Me If You Aren't A Potential Client

Anyone still with me??  Here's the thing: if you have a submission form on your company website then you most likely get a little 'hop in your step' each time you see that one has come through to your inbox.  Your brain immediately thinks:  OMG, somebody wants to hire me!!  OMG, somebody noticed me and wants to give me their money!  OMG, I just got a new client!!  Don't lie: you totally do that.  Now, I am not an idiot ... I know that not everyone who inquires about my services is going to hire me ... I know that you know that not everyone who inquires about your services is going to hire you ... but the point is:  they reached out ... they made you shake your stuff for just a second in celebration ... and that feeling is awesome.

Now, tell me how much is stinks when you open up the submission form and the message has NOTHING to do with wanting to hire you.  F*cking irritating, right???  It is the exact opposite feeling of 'shaking your stuff in celebration' ... and the person didn't mean anything by it!  They probably genuinely wanted to reach out because they like you, they want to learn from you, they are starting their own business and want to know how you did it ... they are looking for a mentor.

I am not here to say: leave me alone unless you are wanting to hire me .. that's not my jam.  I am all about collaborating and team efforts into supporting the whole 'business owner' thing we all have going on ... really, I am.  But you can't tell me that getting a form submission on your 'client contact page' from someone who wants to know what 'font you used for your logo' isn't annoying.  And if you are a business owner who uses other business owners 'submission forms' to gain 'free info' to help your business grow then please stop it!  

There needs to be etiquette guidelines between business owners and 'trying to be business owners' about this kind of thing.  If you look up to someone who runs a business and you want to know 'what font they use' or 'how they grew their IG following so quickly' or 'where they get their graphics for their portfolio' then please just email them directly with a CLEAR SUBJECT TITLE in the email that hints about the content inside of the message.

XO~ Heather