I'm Totally Going to Brag Right Now ... If You Don't Like it, TOUGH!!!

I am absolutely going to brag a bit right now ... it's not normally my 'thing' ... but this is TOO INCREDIBLE not to say something.  So here it goes:

A website I designed just got a client invited into the Grace Ormonde Platinum List on Wedding Style Magazine ... A WEBSITE I DESIGNED!!!!

Grace Ormonde Platinum List Badge

I just got off the phone with a client who told me that they have been trying to get invited into this exclusive group for a little while without any luck ... their website launched a little over a month ago ... Grace Ormonde contacted them and when they were asked 'what changed? why now?' the rep at Grace Ormonde said: we were on your website and by just looking at your website we can tell you are high-end and focus on luxury ... we love how your work was displayed on your website ... we feel our brands are a match.  

I am DYING right now ... I had to share this!  At the end of the day, my clients were the ones who got in: their work is amazing ... but it was how it was showcased and displayed on a website I designed that pushed Grace Ormonde to officially invite them into their luxury wedding directory club.  I did my job!  I am so happy right now!  I am over here dancing the day away!!!!!

Your website DOES matter ... how your work is displayed online DOES make a difference ... I am over the moon excited right now!!  TICKLED PINK!!!

Ok, have an awesome day!!  I know I will!!!!

XO~ Heather

Heather Sharpe3 Comments