Gigi Mallatt Events Has A New Online Face!! Yay!!

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I am SO excited to make this announcement!!  I just launched a new website for Sacramento wedding planning company Gigi Mallatt Events!!  This was a project I was super passionate about because her initial website was so dated and it wasn't mobile optimized ... I wanted to get Gigi current and Google friendly asap!  Below are screenshots of her old website:

When I was designing for Gigi I had to be very careful because she wanted to really focus on a very specific style going forward ... we had to be careful not to share weddings or events that wouldn't support her dreams for her company.  This meant sharing less of her work and really driving home her style and passion.  I am excited for Gigi to fine tune the type of clients she wants to attract going forward and to add more to her portfolio!

Remember:  it's important to ONLY show images that support your company goals on your website!  If you don't want to plan a specific type of event then don't show it on your website.  

Below are screenshots of the website I designed for Gigi:

And here is the link to view the live website:

Congratulations, Gigi!!  It's truly beautiful :)

XO~ Heather

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