Why I will Always be a 'Go Daddy' and 'Gmail for Business' Girl | And why you should be too ...

Go Daddy and Gmail for Business | The Editor's Touch

There are two things I am always going to be about (well, actually when it comes to online stuff there are a few more, but those secrets I share with my clients only) ... and those are: Go Daddy and Gmail for Business email accounts.  Always always always!!!  I want to talk about why I love these two things and why if you aren't on board yet you may want to switch your sh*t over ASAP!

>> Go Daddy <<

I always will buy my .com's through Go Daddy ... always.  I made the mistake once of going through another company to 'try it out' and was hugely disappointed and then ended up paying an additional $48 to transfer it out 2 weeks later ... live and learn, right!??  Go Daddy is the best for many reasons ... 

  1. they work with almost every other system seamlessly ... and you don't have to do much beyond logging in to have it all set up for you
  2. if you have issues they will totally help you ... either via chat or on the phone ... and they speak in a language you can understand
  3. the security is amazing!! ... when I was running Style Unveiled I had those URLs locked up good and tight and nobody could break in and mess with my sh*t .. hugely important to feel safe and sound when it comes to your .com's

All in all there really isn't another company selling URLs that stacks up IMO ... the customer service alone is killer and when you have an issue with your website there is nothing more stressful ... fast and efficient service is necessary!!!

>> Gmail for Business <<

I have had a Gmail for Business email account since 2009 and as long as they are offering it I will be on board.  It's ahhhh-mazing!!!!  I had them for Style Unveiled and my The Editor's Touch email is a Gmail for Business account too. Here's why ...

  1. the app is crazy cool ... check email from anywhere and get updates wherever you go!
  2. the 'undo' function .... have you ever sent an email and then went: F*CK(!!!!) I want that back!!  ... with the undo email set up you can have up to 20 seconds to undo it and make edits before sending it off
  3. canned responses ... if you ever find yourself having to send the same email over and over you will LOVE the canned response app ... with a few clicks of the mouse you can have any email magically appear and off it goes!!
  4. easy organization ... Gmail for Business email has the most amazing stuff for organizing your emails ... and if you have specific emails you never want to see in your inbox (like millions of emails from Pinterest or Twitter) just click a few buttons and voila(!!) they will disappear from view

Are there more reasons I love Gmail for Business email??  Probably.  But there is only one way to figure out if it's for you ... give it a try :)  I can sorta 1000% guarantee you'll never go back to whatever it is you use now ;)

XO~ Heather