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I decided to take my skills as a website designer to The Editor's Touch last month and I have been LOVING life lately :)  Designing websites for wedding pros is truly what I was meant to do ... I believe that the 8 years I worked as the editor of my wedding blog Style Unveiled led me to THIS PLACE ... I am able to:

  • use my keen eye to select images that will make in impact online in the same way I selected images to be featured on Style Unveiled
  • use my search engine optimization knowledge to work for the wedding professional who hired me using the same skills I used to receive a Google page ranking of 5 for Style Unveiled in under 2 years
  • use my knowledge of Pinterest to make sure every image is coded to pull the right *stuff* in the same way I did for Style Unveiled to gain even more recognition and traffic online
  • promote during the process to bring more awareness to their company with localized hashtags
  • create homepage designs that utilize everything that a client needs on that first *glance* to increase the chances of them sticking around and clicking around
  • ... and much MUCH more

Blogging and working on a website is in my blood ... it's undeniable!  The energy I feel in the morning, with coffee in hand, to hop online and create something can't be ignored!  I wake up, I go to my client list, and I update their websites with new blog posts or updated image galleries or new search engine optimization ideas ... it's SO MUCH FUN!  I'm passionate about it ... I believe it's important ... and from the first day I created Style Unveiled I had one major goal in mind:  MAKE WEDDING PROFESSIONALS SHINE ... HELP THEM BE SUCCESSFUL ... SUPPORT AN INDUSTRY I LOVE WITH INNOVATIVE IDEAS.  And here I am << doing it!!

Most importantly: I know weddings!  I know brides!  While I understand the need for a techie coder for certain business types, I believe the need for a brain like mine when it comes to a wedding professional and their needs is even greater.  Brides are an EMOTIONAL creature << you need to make sure you grab their emotion and not try to *impress* them with a bunch of code that they can't even see.  You need a combination of the right code (which I know) and an eye that knows without question which images and which layout will reflect who YOU are as a company ... that's where I come in ;)

It's a job I love and I hope that wedding professionals allow me to keep on doing it!  Right now I am fully booked until the end of June ... and have 3 spots left for July ... what if one of those spots left in July was a gift??  A gift to 1 lucky wedding pro ... Let's do this!!!

>> I am giving away one website redesign and you could win it! <<

I have already designed one wedding pro website completely for free ... I chose someone who had GORGEOUS work, but nobody could tell because the website was just *not* ok ... more importantly this wedding pro has a good heart and works well with others ... she cares and is passionate and I wanted her to have this ... she deserved it!!!  So, let's do it again!!!  Below are the criteria to enter:

  • You must already have a website you've been using for your company
  • You need to have been working in the wedding industry for at least 2 years
  • You can't be one of my current clients (and for those who are, you wouldn't have been selected as a finalist anyway ...)
  • You need to be prepared for your current site to be out there in the world as an example of a 'not so great' website

>> How it will work <<

I will take a look at all the entries and select 5 that I feel deserve a free wedding website redesign ... I will notify those 5 wedding pros and then I will create a voting page ... each finalist will need to have their wedding professional friends, family members, etc VOTE for theirs to win the free redesign ... Want it!?  Enter your info below!

Your Name: *
Your Name:
example: Orange County, CA florist

**ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED by noon Pacific Time on THURSDAY JUNE 4th ... and the finalists will be notified on FRIDAY JUNE 5th.

If you aren't chosen as a finalist, I will be notifying you too ... And if you don't win this free redesign I hope we can still work together!  I know my sh*t and I'm good at it ... plus, I'm not that expensive! ;) wink, wink!

XO~ Heather

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