When Is The Last Time Your Business Got Laid?

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Whether you have been happily married / in a relationship for years or if you are on the prowl every weekend looking for your next fling there is one thing that makes us get up and work:  

the thought of getting laid

Am I right??  If you know that you want to get down and dirty with another warm body then there are 'efforts' that go into this ... maybe your man loves a certain pair of jeans that you have, maybe it's red lips painted just right ... maybe she loves when you wear her favorite cologne.  The point is:  when you are on this particular mission there are efforts made.  The path has been decided and you are on it!!  

There is something else really funny about this particular 'act' that some of us find too taboo to even discuss (much less blog) ...

we always remember

Srsly.  You know when the last time was ... and if you don't then you are getting so much action that it doesn't matter << and I'm not talking to you ;)  But, usually you know when the last 'time' was ... you've stored away that memory and when the high wears off from the last time - so starts the efforts for the next one. So here is my question:

When Is The Last Time Your Company Got Laid?

I feel like some of us forget that we are in control of when our company has super amazing highs ... we sit and HOPE that something incredible will come to our company and we will finally have 'made it' ... that our company will have 'gotten some' ... a company getting laid could be any of the following:

  • Getting that perfect 'BIG DEAL' client 
  • Getting picked as the top of your wedding industry focus in Vogue or Martha Stewart
  • Being featured on the homepage of one of the major wedding blogs (WC, SMP, GWS)

Basically anything that is out of the norm for you and raises your spirits as a business owner ... something that makes your confidence sore ... an experience that requires a bit more effort ... to do more than you usually would!

Now, same could be said for those times when you feel yourself 'not' putting in the effort ... why aren't you?  Are you over it?  Are you not feeling passionate about something involving your company?  A client you have?  An event you are planning?  

These moments of not feeling sexy about something are important to listen to and to break away from! 

If it's been awhile since your last 'go' then have your company take off their sweats ... wash your company's hair ... and take it out for a night on the town!  If your business is getting stale then shake things up a bit!  Do something out of the norm ... go network and schmooze a company you've been dying to work with!  Revamp your website!  Update your logo!  Don't let the romance you have with your company die.

Heather, you sound like an insane person.  Do I???  I really don't think so.  

There is nothing that gets my butt into gear more than feeling the itch and accepting the challenge to scratch it

... my blood gets pumping, I feel alive, I go after things, I put in the effort, I make myself look and feel amazing ... it's like when I wrote about how putting on your good ass jeans will result in a happier day ... I believe that if your company gets laid more often you'll find that it is also more successful too ;) 

I like The Editor's Touch to have a good romp once a month ... enough to fling me into a level of confidence that boosts me creativity ... to feel amazing highs ... I recommend writing down some of your company's most recent shenanigans ... and date when they took place.  If you see it's 'been awhile' then perhaps it's time to put in the efforts for the next go 'round.

XO~ Heather

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