There Is A Reason My Clients Typically See A Huge Rise In Their Business After Working With Me ...


My background is no secret ... at least I don't think it is ... for 8 years my main focus was promoting a website I built called Style Unveiled.  I focused on increasing traffic, awareness, and growth for my blog and its brand.  I focused on making sure the advertisers that paid me to help gain awareness for their business got something out of the investment they made to SU.  8 years is a long-ass-time and what has been embedded in me can't be erased:  I want to see websites succeed and I want to see businesses succeed.

A lot of my clients tell me that they saw a huge jump in their business even during the design process ... and that when their website or blog launches the inquiries don't stop coming in ... yet, there isn't a direct reason for it - the only common denominator is that they were working with me and all of a sudden the phone started ringing and their inbox filled up.  I equate that to the fact that I approach each client of mine with a HOLISTIC APPROACH ... I don't just design them a website ;)  So, what does that mean?

Basically every client to me is like a blog post or ad on Style Unveiled ... I look at it like something I want to bring attention to ... something that NEEDS TO BE SEEN by an audience.  So, while I am sneak peeking on Instagram or social media I am talking about my client, showing off their strengths, using #hashtags that are focused on what THEY offer ... when I Pin from their websites I am making sure they are going to some of my big boards that I have been growing since Pinterest was in Beta ... I send out a newsletter blast about my clients ... and I make sure to blog about my clients using 'smart links' so that Google notices them right away.  I create a circle of attention around each of my clients so that they feel a huge HUG during and after their project is completed.

Beyond that initial HUG I optimize every website I design so that over the course of 6 - 10 months Google is taking notice ... it's amazing what happens to my clients and I believe my 8 years of running a wedding blog is what makes me stand out and what makes my approach completely different from any other website designer out there.  I hope we can work together one day!


XO~ Heather

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