HoneyBook - Have You Heard Of This Yet?

Have you heard of HoneyBook yet?  As someone who feels the need to organize myself better I am SUPER excited about this!!  I was introduced to HoneyBook by a client last week and have been very interested to find out more!

Here is the Mission Statement from their website:

We're on a mission to connect the different parts of the events industry by reimagining the way creative professionals work with their colleagues and clients. Whether you're an event planner in charge of a 300-guest wedding, a photographer leading a high-profile fashion shoot, or host of your company's holiday party, HoneyBook organizes your jobs seamlessly, so you can focus on what you do best: creating unforgettable moments.

I like the idea of being able to send invoices, contracts, and proposals all from one place ... right now I feel like I have to login to a hundred different things just to send stuff to my clients!  It's exhausting!  ... and as a brand snob, I love that you can brand the pages of your HoneyBook account to match your message ... amazing!

I can't say enough about how important NETWORKING is for your company and with HoneyBook you can connect with other wedding pros!!  I applied to be a part of their program today and am anxiously waiting to hear back!

Want to learn more about HoneyBook?  Their website is awesome and very easy to navigate!  Click below to head on over and get started :)  You can also keep up with them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

XO~ Heather