Look Hoo Has A Beautiful New Website!!!

Website Design For Hoo Films | The Editor's Touch
Having worked in web design in the past, I know how frustrating the tiny elements of building a brand new website can be. Heather was a complete pleasure to work with daily and made each of the intricate details simple and painless to handle. If you want to work with someone who exudes a positive attitude through the entire process, this is your gal. When you’re ready to take your brand and website to the next level, look no further than to add the Editor’s Touch!
— Shannon, Hoo Films

I first met Shannon when I flew down to be a speaker at a Love Luxe Life luncheon ... but I knew of her films way before that.  This girl and her team are film maker geniuses and when I met her in real life I instantly knew one of the reasons her business is so successful: Shannon of Hoo Films (a luxury wedding film making company in SoCal and beyond) might in fact be the most fun person I've ever met ... an adventurous spirit ... and that personality shines in her work.

When I got the message from her that she wanted me to design the new Hoo Films website I was beyond touched ... Shannon had always done her own website and to reach out to me ... well ... that was the highest compliment.  I instantly knew what I wanted to do:


When I have clients like Shanon hoo are blogging badasses, I immediately turn to their blog and figure out how I can best organize it using tags and categories ... I want to turn it into a tool for them to use when chatting with potential clients.  Shannon's new blog is now visually clickable on a scrolling page and optimized using the best search terms for her target market.

All in all I love the new website that Hoo Films has!!  I was honored to be chosen to design it ... and I love the pile of tissues I have by my desk from watching all of their incredible wedding video clips ... srsly, if you haven't been watching Hoo Films, start now:  https://hoofilms.com/

XO~ Heather