How To Take A Kick Ass Head Shot For Your Brand and A Huge Thank You To Alante Photography For Mine!!

Taking Great Head Shots for Your Brand | The Editor's Touch

I am currently chowing down on some Williams-Sonoma Halloween candy ... it's f*cking fantastic (srsly, the bone shaped cookies ... I could *and did* eat an entire bag).  While I swallow down the calories that I will later try to burn off at the gym I am staring at MYSELF << I know ... but, there is a good reason behind it:  I just had head shots taken!!!!  Eek!

Yesterday was an amazing day with one of my very best friends ... to me, she is Kim: a crazy sweet person who I have known for 8 years!!  To the Seattle wedding industry (and beyond!), she is: Kimberly Person and half of what makes up Alante Photography.  Alante Photography is known through the PNW as the creme de la creme of wedding photography ... Seattle black tie wedding photography ... like, they are what defines couture.  I have loved their work for always ... they are who photographs my family every year ... (this is where I gracefully sneak in a photo Kim took of me and my daughter Hadley .... just go with it)...

Photography by Alante Photography | Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

Ok ... so head shots :)  There are a few things I learned from Kim yesterday about how to create a head shot that supports your brand.  Here I go!!  

  1. Don't wear the green mock turtle neck in your closet.  Kim and I originally scheduled my head shots shoot for a few days earlier ... she arrived promptly and I *proudly* showed her the green mock turtle neck I bought at Anthro that morning ... and Kim politely declined it.  We then went through my 'closet of nothing' and determined that I didn't have sh*t to wear that would look right for The Editor's Touch brand.  So(!!!) she suggested I rent a sparkly number from Rent The Runway and buy a grey cardigan that would go over it.  Done and done!
  2. Don't do 60 squats before the big day.  Kim doesn't f*ck around when it comes to making her subject look good.  This wasn't a sit and stare kinda gig.  I was in poses I didn't even know my body could do ... It was awkward ... it paid off big time!!  Kim knew exactly what way I needed to move my body to look svelte and polished.  And my photos: boy do I love 'em!!  
  3. Don't be easily offended.  If you really want the 'best of you' to shine through in your photos make sure you hire a photographer who will be honest with you and then a follow up: don't get offended!!!  Kim was there as my coach ... if a boob was popping out: she was my girl to tell me to pop it back in!  If I was making a 'bitch face' << she let me know to soften it up a bit ... these are things you WANT to hear!!  Head shots are an investment to your brand and you are the main event!!  You gotta look good!

And now: Tada!!!!!  Here they are:

I love them so so much ... I feel confident and proud when I look at these ... I'm thrilled beyond words!!  I feel like prospective clients will 'get' what I am about, what I bring to the table, and they will feel a connection with me :)

XO~ Heather