Hunting For Your Twitter Handle and Why We'd Rather Spend Time Doing Something Else For You!

Let me preface by saying:  most wedding publication editors are not going to HUNT for your Twitter handle when they promote you ... but for the editors who will take time out of their day to find your hidden Twitter handle so that you can be promoted via their following, here is my question for YOU:  why send us on this hunt??  Is Twitter dead?

You should have ALL of your social network platforms linked from your website ... and IMO, they need to be visible from any page on your site/blog.  The likelihood of someone wanting to follow you if they see that cute little bird are much higher if they can actually SEE it ;)

I am obsessed with Twitter ... I started growing my personal following to promote my blog (Style Unveiled) and things I love in 2008 ... just 2 years after Twitter launched ... it's an amazing way to show people who you are and what you love and what you do!  While it may have changed over the years to being more 'promotional' than 'conversational', it's still a necessary thing to have .. again, just in my opinion ;)

So, back to the hunt ... I don't want to go on a Google search adventure just so I can find your Twitter page.  Will I do it?  Yeah, I am that much of a sucker for Twitter and promoting people ... Would I be happier if I could just go to your website, find the blue, fluttery bird and click there??  Yeah, I would.  Making editors happy should be on your 'to do' list ... just trust me on that one ;)  The next time Lauren from Every Last Detail wants to Tweet to you and is able to (with one swift click from your site) find your handle ... she will be smiling big time :)

Taking it one step further:  One thing that a few wedding pros do that I find AWESOME is sending in the social media handles with their submission ... and I'm seeing more and more blogs require this with the submission process ... you can also Tweet to publications you have been featured on and let them know how much you love the post!

XO~ Heather