I am Just Starting Out as a Wedding Professional and I Want To Get Published | Obviously, I Will Create a Styled Shoot.

Creating Styled Shoots that Will Have a Good Chance of Being Published | The Editor's Touch

Are you just starting out in the wedding industry?  Getting your feet wet?  You're probably perusing wedding blogs daily and realizing one major thing:  I MUST GET PUBLISHED!!  I MUST SHOW OFF MY SKILL SET!!  Yes, you are correct!

Being published is a powerful tool and while I still suggest making sure you advertise on at least 3 online platforms that reach your target bride - being published at least 3 times should also be a major goal.  So, how?

Are you someone other than a wedding photographer:  If you are looking to become an event designer, florist, stationery designer ... pretty much anything other than a photographer ... here is when I'm talking to you:  Be selective about the PHOTOGRAPHER you choose to work with.  I can't tell you how many times I received a submission full of amazing details and had to say "no" to a published featured on Style Unveiled because the photography was *not ok* ... photographers, feel free to throw those tomatoes at me ... here's the thing:  not all people who can afford a camera should call themselves photographers.  Sorry, it has to be said.  So, before you spend months planning a styled shoot where your end goal is to be featured on a wedding blog, give the photographer you ask to shoot it some LONG thought!

Here are some tricks in deciding if the photographer you are considering is a good choice:

  • has their work been published before?  If so: were they featured on any of the key blogs or websites you want your work to be published on?
  • do they know how to take good wedding detail shots? If so: is it the style you want to portray to future clients?  does their style fit your MESSAGE?
  • do they capture people well? do their portraits make your heart pound and make you believe in love?  Most editors are going to be very picky about portraits they publish ... and if they find it phony or not believable, they won't publish it.

>> my point is this: styled shoots are not a time to ask your friends to photograph just so you won't hurt their feelings ... unless of course your best friend is Jose Villa <<

Another idea that I used to tell people who emailed me about how to be featured on Style Unveiled: check with me first!  If you are considering working with a photographer and you are an advertiser on a wedding blog: email the editor your thoughts on the photographer and see if they feel that 'style' is a good fit for their blog ... it can't hurt and you might learn a thing or two that will save you a ton of time and some heartache later (if you can't get your work published).

Something else to consider beyond the photographer:  what is your message?  what is your theme?  Michelle Garibay knew that the 50 Shades of Grey movie was coming out and she used the months prior to create a gorgeous styled shoot inspired by the movie that I featured on Style Unveiled.  It was a HUGE hit!  Make sure that whatever "topic" you choose to focus on is timely and makes sense for the blog you submit it to.  If you want to show off a pretty summer themed wedding look, be sure to submit the images in the spring ... which means you need to have plenty of time to make sure the photos will be ready to submit ... timing is everything.

Here is another idea I just LOVE for styled shoots ... create a look using the colors of your brand.  Why??  So your beautiful work will help promote you!  Not only can these images be used on your website and never clash with your message, but if they get published on a wedding blog and 'pinned' and shared ... guess what you just did??  You just took your brand and put it on crack!!  Your branding is now going to have an extended reach :)  You're welcome.

XO~ Heather

Pssssst ... once you do get published, you'll want to learn about what to do with those amazing badges!