I Will Never Hire A Company That Doesn't Have A Website

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Last week I stumbled upon a FB post where someone was discussing the pros and cons of not having a business website. Some of the reasons stated were: they are too expensive and a pain in the ass to keep up with … which, let’s be honest: they definitely are. Websites are an investment of both time and money … BUT, and I’m not just saying this because I am a website designer, ….

Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch

I Would Never Hire A Company Who Didn’t Have A Website.

Like, ever. Here are my reasons:

A Website Tells Me You Give A Sh*t

Websites are expensive … they are a pain the the butt to maintain … doing all that? Then you clearly care about your company! If you care enough to keep the ‘front door’ of your company clean, free of dust, current, beautifully painted, oiled, and inviting … then I’m coming in and I’m going to take a peek around! Don’t even have a door??? Then there is a huge mystery surrounding what your company even does … I have nothing to go on except social media (if you even choose to have that!) and calling your company to chat with someone … Sorry, no thanks!

But Heather, as you said: what about using social media to decide if the company is legit enough for you?? Here are my reasons:

  1. Anyone can buy followers these days, purchase a bunch of beautiful stock photography, write some sh*t in a blurb, and post it to Instagram.

  2. Revert back to my first point above: websites are a lot of work … and show me you actually give a sh*t about your business and your company. Now keep in mind: having an ugly website will turn me off too … but I’d rather you have an ugly website than NO WEBSITE AT ALL … you can fix ‘ugly’ ;) haha … in fact, I remove it from the internet all the time!

Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch

A Website Gives Me A Visual Of Your Style

As someone who is extremely sensitive to fonts, colors, photography, grammar, layout, design aesthetic, etc, etc, etc .!.!.! I want to have a chance to ‘judge you’ before I decide if we are a good fit or not … yeah, I’m judging you … as is EVERYONE who comes onto your website. A website is a very vulnerable business tool IMO … it lets people SEE you and what you decide to show about yourself and your business to the world. Showing sweet stuff that I’m majorly vibing with!!?? I’m probably going to contact you! Not really feeling your style??? I’m probably heading out … but either way, I need to be able to have that exchange before I would even consider working with your company for any reason.

Squarespace Website Designer | The Editor's Touch

A Website Lets Me Have My Own Experience and Feelings Before I Have to Commit to Communicating with you

I think what it all comes down to for me is that a website is a buffer … it allows me to have my own space and time with your company … I can look around without anybody pressuring me into making a move … I can investigate on my own and make my own opinions and get a feel for whether or not I’m a good fit for you … and to see if I think you’re a good fit for me. Which is why: keeping up with your website is SO IMPORTANT!!! People are having experiences with you before they even actually EXPERIENCE you!! Having a website is an absolute MUST in my opinion … and beyond that:

Having a Beautiful Website is a must

Let me reiterate: these blog posts are just my opinions … they are not law … but ;) maybe they should be? Haha … just kidding! Have a great day!

XO~ Heather

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