What Makes One Image Popular On Pinterest and Other Ones Not So Much?

What Makes Images Popular and Get Repinned on Pinterest? | The Editor's Touch

I have been trying to figure out Pinterest since they soft launched in 2010.  Figuring out what makes a Pin go viral and become a traffic creator for my blog Style Unveiled was a big deal and when you found that golden ticket and an image went crazy:  BOOM!!!!!  Traffic happened.

Pinterest changed their algorithm a few years back and since then people haven't been as 'excited' about going to the main feed of Pinterest ... rather we use it as a search engine, a way to 'save' things we may want to access again (like recipes, or clothes we want to buy), or we create 'boards' to show people things we love for direction on design, weddings, or a theme.  I find myself using Pinterest often for kid's birthday party ideas!

There are a few things I have learned about how to create a VIRAL 'pin' ... and while they aren't proven to always be successful, I always try to do it anyway ... because you never know when one is going to take off like a wildfire and bring you traffic.

There are 6 things that can certainly help you when it comes to Pinterest:

  1. How many followers you have: I have grown a Pinterest following of 42,500 and it definitely helps me when it comes to repins and eyes on my Pinned sh*t - I have also been invited to some big boards that have lots of followers and so when I pin to those boards I find that the wave of repins definitely increases.  TIP:  research which wedding blogs are offering 'group' Pinterest boards to their advertisers!  This can give you a leg up on growing a following overnight without the pressure of trying to do it yourself ;)
  2. What size the images is:  History has shown that vertical images get repinned way more than horizontal images do.  Using that same theory, a super LONG vertical image will get repinned more than a 'normal sized' vertical image.
  3. If the image has one or multiple images:  Collages get repinned more than single image pins - however you have to be careful!  This does not apply to horizontal shaped images with two verticals side by side << these actually tend to get ignored more on Pinterest.  Here is an example of a collage 'Pin' that does well for repins >> https://www.pinterest.com/pin/64317100907919757/
  4. If the image has graphics or 'text' on it:  If an image has text or wording on it placed in a well designed way it will get way more attention on Pinterest ... here is an example:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/216735800796820702/ ... the other great thing about creating graphics with 'words' on them is that you can tease for actual 'clicks' into your post instead of just repins ... if the Pinner is curious to read more about the topic on the image then you just bought yourself some traffic.  Combine #2, #3 and #4 on this list and you will do even better on Pinterest ... here is an example of what I mean: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/240661173817093507/
  5. What the description says:  Pinterest's new algorithm tends to show its users Pins that they think they would be interested in and part of that is in the topic ... being sure to fill in an optimized 'description' of what you are trying to gain attention for is crucial to supporting that the Pin does well.
  6. What it's linked to:  Pins that are attached to a link in a blog post tend to do better than Pins that are attached to a non-blog post link.  Pinterest does pull the 'title' of blogs posts and the intro blurb into their code and this helps with searches on their interface.  TIP:  If you don't have any long collage images with a graphic or text on them in your blog post then make one!!  Use photoshop to create an eye-catching image to upload to Pinterest - add a great description, and link it to your blog post!  Here is one I did that was never a part of my blog post on The Editor's Touch:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/240661173817113559/

I have heavily applied all 6 tips above in the last week and the results I have found are incredible!!  My referrals from Pinterest have nearly quadrupled in the last 2 weeks and it's crazy awesome ... here is a screen capture of my referral traffic from the last 7 days:

traffic referrals

With Pinterest you have to have PATIENCE!!!!!  It's best to make sure you set aside time each day to Pin and then try to forget that you did ... check back in a week or so and see how your Pins are doing.  

XO~ Heather