It's Official ... I'm Scaling Back and Increasing My Prices for Full Custom Website Design


For a few months now I have been toying with the idea of scaling WAY back when it comes to how many ‘full custom websites’ I take on per year … the truth of the matter is, designing a FULL CUSTOM website from scratch and being inspired to that level all the time … well, it’s exhausting … and while I love it, I need to value that creative part of myself more and increase my pricing … because between you and me, I was charging THOUSANDS of dollars BELOW my direct competition … and I simply can’t do that anymore.

I will be increasing my pricing on full custom starting today and I will ONLY be accepting 10 per year and they will be scheduled in advance.

If you were someone who inquired with me when my pricing for full custom website design was low, I will allow a grace period to lock that in until Wednesday, April 3rd … locking it in means submitting your contract and retainer before end of day on April 3rd.

For those of you who aren’t a fit for my full custom website design service, I have 10 amazing semi-custom website layouts to choose from that are affordable and beautiful … you can see them below:

My Semi-Custom Designs

I will constantly be adding more semi-custom looks to this collection … and probably even retiring a few here and there as they get dated … I’m excited to start this new chapter of The Editor’s Touch and to work with clients on full custom who I have a connection with both on a personality ‘level’ and a ‘vision’ level :)

Want to see more of my semi-custom websites? Click around below!

XO~ Heather

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