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I don't know about anyone else, but I *just* sorta started figuring out SnapChat last month ... I loved turning myself into a dog or a beautiful fairy and saying stupid sh*t that I knew would *POOF* into thin air a few days later ... it's fun to make an ass of yourself when you know it's short-lived ... But was I ever going to become a mad SnapChatter and do it all the time??? Probably not ... was I ever going to see business from SnapChat??  Probably not ... which brings me to the recent shenanigans by Instagram:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Business Pages

I have to say with Instagram Stories it's nice that they are easily accessible in a place I already troll 8,000,000 times per day ... Instagram is my current IT social media outlet and it's much easier for me to say something silly and make an ass out of myself there then to go to an entirely different app that I still don't totally understand to post ... so I have to say I am fully gung-ho Instagram Stories and you can be sure and follow my silliness there anytime.

BUT:  Instagram Business Pages ... hmmmm, I'm just not sure about this decision.  I am very very skeptical about switching my account to a business page because I remember what Facebook (who now owns Instagram) did to the business pages a few years ago.  Remember when they announced FB business pages and everyone was like: YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!  They started off all pretty ... lots of exposure and lots of activity.  Then, FB decided to make us all pay for exposure and slowly but surely all that activity dwindled away and our FB business pages sat there and we were all like: WTF, FB???

I get it:  there is a pretty, pushable 'contact button' on the Business Instagram pages!!  Woohoo!!  Heather, we get analytics on the IG business pages .... yep, very cool ... very very similar to the FB business pages, wouldn't you agree??

All I am saying is watch for it ... I am not going to switch mine over anytime soon.  I want to 'wait and see' what happens to this first.  Just some 'food for thought' if you haven't switched over yet.

XO~ Heather

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