Do Yourself a Favor and Invest in a F*cking Amazing Photographer

As A Business Owner The Best Investment You Can Make is in An Amazing Photographer

As a business owner, there is one thing I will continue to scream at the top of my lungs as much as I can until people get it:


The types of photographs you choose to share across your website, social media, and to express your vibe visually are one of the most important investments you make as a business owner … and since you can’t control everything (because some of your clients will choose to hire sh*tty photographers) then it’s up to YOU to HIRE photographers who will give your brand the edge it needs to sell it well.

I can’t stress enough that today WE as consumers are VISUAL shoppers …. we are LOOKING to decide what we want, how we want it, what we love and why … sure, some of us may read, but that is AFTER we have already decided we love it because we SAW something we liked. Instagram, Pinterest, online shopping, blogs << all have taught us to browse, and quickly, until our eyes see ‘the pretty’ … the ‘trigger finger’ to like or not like something in under 5 seconds has trained us to be quick decision makers and the decisions we make are based on what we see.

Heather, That Sounds Pretty Harsh … Not All Of Us Judge That Quickly or Make Decisions That Fast

Ok … but if you don’t like something immediately based on visuals, you don’t remember it and you definitely won’t dive deeper to see more << in MOST cases … sure, I’m not saying that we, as consumers, are out there buying or hiring every single thing we see that we love … but MOST of us aren’t buying things or hiring what we hate or don’t like … and those decisions are typically made immediately.

Websites matter … your business website matters … your Instagram feed matters … your headshot matters … and if these things are filled with ugly, dated, and unappealing photographs … welp, it’s going to reflect in:

  • the type of clients who hire you

  • the amount you can charge for your service or product

  • the type of vendors or venues who want to work with you

I wrote a blog post about making it hard for people to refer you clients that has a lot to do with this topic … I hear from my clients all the time: I want my website to be amazing, reflect how awesome I am, attract a high end and luxury client … but the images they send me don’t ‘sell’ that idea … and that’s when I say to them:


Invest in the thing that will sell what you do, what you want to do, and what you strive for … have branding images taken of yourself, not just head shots, but images that SELL YOU (the person they are hiring) … have styled images of your product or space or rental items taken in beautiful light, with a clean background, in a currently styled fashion … and do this EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!!! Yes, I’ll repeat, every year you should do this … what was once awesome isn’t now … photography styles change, light trends change, styling vibes shift … the images potential clients see of your product and of you are very telling, even when they aren’t. You feel me??

If you see a website you LOVE or an Instagram feed you love, it probably has 90% to do with the photos used … and if you want that for yourself, you need images that are on the same level.

An investment in the RIGHT photographer could catapult you into a new dimension for your business that you never even realized was there … if you have a boutique and haven’t had it photographed in the last 2 years, stop reading this post and go right now to find an amazing photographer and put money there right now … if you realize it’s been 2 years since you had a new head shot taken of yourself, close this and make an appointment … I’m not even kidding ;)

XO~ Heather