Is There A Generation Gap Between Your Business Goals and Dreams and What You're Willing To Do To Achieve Them? Let's Discuss:

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I have clients of all ages ... all walks of life ... and every single one of them has one goal for their business:

Make Money and Grow

It doesn't matter what generation you are from: if you are a business owner then your focus is growing and making money - staying important to your target market.  Here's the problem:  some people won't adjust their way of thinking when it comes to their business ... they are comfy-cozy and want to keep things the way they are AND stay in business.  I say to that: NOT GONNA HAPPEN.  Hardcore fact: if you are in the wedding and lifestyle business then my generation is YOUR client.  Your client is on Pinterest WAY MORE than they are on Google ... Your potential client is on Instagram and their Facebook feed WAY MORE than they are hitting the phonebooks ... YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENT is **this generation** .... sorry, not sorry.

I wrote a post yesterday about Instagram and how NOW is the time to grow followers ... not tomorrow, not in a month ... don't tell yourself "oh, I should really Instagram more" << DO IT.  I regret hugely how 'so so' I was with Instagram when I joined ... I can only imagine how many more followers I'd have today if I had just made it a daily task in the beginning ... it's like with dieting and exercise: you can say "oh, tomorrow I will start" or you can drop the cookie in the trash and START NOW.  

If you find yourself struggling with social media and all the new sh*t a business has to do to stay 'in it' then hire a young and *social media savvy* intern or assistant to do it for you ... it will be worth every f*cking penny you spend ... because if they are good at their job your following will increase .... your traffic will increase ... your sales *should* increase ... voila ...

Yes, I am on a rampage with this topic today because I'm sick of people wanting the world for their business and not doing a single thing about it except complaining.  Either do or do not: there is no try.

XO~ Heather 

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