Is Your Pride Getting in the Way of Your Growth? Let's Talk About Change!

Is Your Pride Getting in the Way of Your Growth?  Let's Talk About Making Changes in Business | The Editor's Touch

I find this all the time with my clients: they don't want to change their 'business brand' but they want a different type of client ... more high end, more prequalified ... they want less 'crap jobs' and more 'quality jobs' ... they want to grow to the NEXT level.  But: they want to keep their current logo, current colors, current brand.  And I say:


Sorry to be a hard ass but you can't get new results if you keep your actions the same ... if you want to pedal your bike down the street to meet a friend but you keep riding in circles in the cul-de-sac .... it's just not gonna happen.  Sorry, not sorry.

I am insistent with some of my clients that they change their logo ... that they change their colors ... that they REBRAND.  I can't do my job well and guarantee them a new type of client if they don't!  And that is what The Editor's Touch is all about!  I do make guarantees!  My clients DO see a change ... and it's almost automatic!

I have rebranded clients and immediately they are getting higher budget weddings, they are invited to exclusive clubs and are offered incredible memberships to the highest of the high end directories (remember me bragging about my client being invited to Grace Ormonde??) ... these are things I get to watch my clients go through after their change.  It's incredible!  My clients like to call it 'my magic' ... they say: Heather, do your magic ... rock that magic!  And I do :)

If you feel like you are caught up in your logo and want to receive a different type of client without updating your brand I think you should ask yourself WHY.  WHY are you set on not changing it?  Is it an ego thing?  Is it your pride?  Things change ... you know what Google just did??  They rewrote their algorithm AGAIN!!  Your business won't succeed without a bit of dusting every once in a while .... rebranding is a good thing.  It's a great thing!  Don't be afraid!!  Take those next steps :)  You'll never know until you give it a whirl.

XO~ Heather