What's Blooming Over Here?? Oh, Just A FAB New Website For Someone I Adore: J Morgan Flowers

The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Website Designer | J Morgan Flowers
I have known Heather for years ... since her Style Unveiled editor days. Even though I am in South Florida and she is in Seattle we always had an amazing relationship as we both see the beauty in life and well ... are super honest and up front!
So, when it came to redoing our website, I knew (for the last 3 years) that she was the ONLY one I would let touch it! I had been down the road of website designers before and hated the results as they just didn’t get the wedding industry and what brides want! Heather’s amazing eye and knowing the trends not only in weddings but in marketing and SEO just made the whole experience easy!
I told her what I liked, disliked ... and well she ran with it ... added some hot sauce and well you can see the results! KILLER!!
— Jacqueline, J Morgan Flowers

How to I even begin to tell the story of me and J Morgan Flowers ... to be more specific:  Jacqueline Goldman ... it started YEARS ago ... like 7 ish years ago ... back in the days of my reign as editor of a little wedding blog I started called Style Unveiled.  As Jacqueline said in her review above ... we are two gals who just like to tell it like it is ... we're sweethearts, but we don't really sugarcoat or 'pretend' something is different than what it is ... and I love that about us.  When she reached out to me about hiring me for the redesign of her website I almost peed my pants with excitement!!!  I knew her.  I knew her brand.  I knew her target market,  I knew her florals by just SEEING them next to other ones that were hers ... basically her signature was branded in my brain.  This was something I really wanted to do.

This is the website Jacqueline had BEFORE she hired me:

website that needs to be redesigned

The first thing I did was make her logo more modern and geared towards her target market ... I removed the flower 'ring' icon (which became her favicon) and added a clean box around the lettering.  That box started the inspiration for the rest of the website and it started to come to life very quickly after that ...

Below is the homepage I designed for J Morgan Flowers:

The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Website Designer | J Morgan Flowers

When I thought about the portfolio I wanted to create for Jacqueline I kept seeing A LOT of white space ... I wanted it to have flavor and pizazz without being super overbearing .... I wanted her designs to have breathing space ;)  So, I came up with a layout that allowed for a scrolling page while still giving it flair ... and I am beyond obsessed with how it turned out.

Below is the portfolio landing page I designed for J Morgan Flowers:

The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Website Designer | J Morgan Flowers

Here is this lovely on mobile:

The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Website Designer | J Morgan Flowers.jpg

I am SUPER excited about this launch ... see the live website here:  https://www.jmorganflowers.com/

XO~ Heather