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I am currently designing a website for the amazingly talented Janet Villa and it's given me a newfound understanding for everything that goes into a photograph.  Sure, you've got flowers, a beautiful venue, a kick-ass photographer ... a dress from a high-end designer ... but NONE of that will work if your bride or model comes with hair just out of the shower and minimal makeup on.  I feel like every time (me included!!!) we all share images across social media or on our blogs there is a very key player who is either left out completely or barely mentioned:

The beauty expert

If I ever get my photograph taken there is very careful planning that goes into 'my look' ... I may get a spray tan the day before, get a haircut, buy some new makeup ... I choose the color for my lips with care, each eye-lash is accounted for while I pour on the mascara ... this is a process and it ain't always pretty.  Making people beautiful is an art - it's a talent - have you ever had a BAD MAKEOVER??? Yes, I'm sure you have ... then you know that it's not just a little 'blush there ... dab some gloss here' job.  It takes skill, practice, and a passion for making people feel confident and glamourous.  If a bride or model feel confident then that will show in the images that everyone wants to pass around like candy ... so please, do me a favor ...


Heather, you said you were included in this too ... remember????  ABSOLUTELY.  Guilty as charged!  The problem is I don't always know who it was!  I'm sure that's true for a lot of us who just 'happen upon a photo' and want to feel lucky enough to share it.  We (better!!) credit the photographer because that seems so obvious ... but really EVERYONE should be credited ... and if it's a portrait you are sharing of a glam'd out bride or model and you love it for the beauty in the photo, then the beauty expert has to be included in your praises.  

So how do we find out before we share?

This is the dilemma, right??  Getting all the credits before we impulsively regram the photo ... if the original one who posted didn't credit then you could always ask in comments ... something like:

"I really want to regram this and promote your work!  Who was the beauty expert in this shoot?"

Not only will they probably be happy to share, but it may remind them that 'OOPS!!  I forgot to credit them' ... 

XO~ Heather

Pssssst ... below are a few of the gorgeous images I feel so lucky to be designing a website with.  Beauty by the amazing Janet Villa (website coming soon!!) and photography by Jose Villa.  Flowers by RunningWild Florals | Ribbon by Silk and Willow | Styling by Sarah Park Events | Dresses by Shop Gossamer

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