JoJo Picked Jordan!!?? Are You Joking Me!!?? | JoJo Picks Jordan | When People Make The Wrong Choices in Life and in Business

My husband and I watch The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise together ... it's our guilty pleasure and we bond over making fun of all the crazy that goes on.  Now, before you all go thinking 'man, I feel bad for her husband' this was originally HIS idea .. he heard about The Bachelor on a podcast he respects and the guy on the Podcast said the show was great ... we started watching it and now we are hooked.  How could you ever get off that train!??  It's brilliant marketing!  You can't just watch The Bachelor and not The Bachelorette because now you're emotionally invested in whoever they pick as the bachelorette ... and even though Bachelor in Paradise is a total sh*t-show you HAVE TO SEE how all the rejects behave as they hook up and cause drama!!

This entire season of The Bachelorette I have been fully against Jordan.  He reminds me of someone who would 'cheat' about 2 weeks in ... he seems fake, a phony, he seems in it for fame, and I really don't see what JoJo saw in him.  I was a huge Robby fan ... like, YUM.  He seemed sincere, he was hot (just wish he'd shave that beard down), and he seemed to be truly into JoJo instead of getting a future 'gig' off of being on the show.  When JoJo chose Jordan both my husband and I were like:  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

It reminded me of times when potential clients go another direction ... you have great chemistry, they love everything you create, they keep calling and asking more questions and you give them all the right answers ... and then: they hire your competition.  Sucks, right??

I had this happen a few months ago and it really rocked me.  I was actually surprised how hard it stung when this particular client went another direction.  I spent about a week pouting and it threw me off track in a huge way ... not how I typically behave when this happens!  I had to really grab my own shoulders and shake them!!!  I was going down the road of: I was a flash in the pan, this is over, I will never get hired again ... it was a really low point.

When potential clients who you have spent time with hire someone else it can feel like you failed.  Questions I ask myself:  What did I say wrong?  Is my pricing too high?  Does my work suck?  What did my competition do differently?  How could they not have picked me?  It can bring down your level of confidence and make you question everything you do.  But what I learned from the situation a few months back is that:  NOT EVERYONE WILL CHOOSE YOU ... and you will most likely never know why they went another direction.  The decision could be something super small or it could be something big, but it's probably not a reflection of you. 

Another thing to consider:  did you just dodge a bullet??  Sometimes as business owners we are so blinded by the 'thought of making money' that we push aside red flags ... we don't see that it's really not a great fit because we want to 'get a new client' ... so what I've started doing is just accepting rejection as a sign that there is something better on the horizon ... cheesy??  Well, it gets me through and the positive self-talk usually makes it come true for me ;)

Now, I will say this ... if you lose 80% of your potential clients or if you aren't getting any potential client inquiries ... or if it's all of a sudden dropped significantly then you definitely need to analyze yourself ... here are a few blog posts I wrote that could help you decipher if it's something YOU need to change in order to start being offered roses again:




XO~ Heather

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