Are You A 'Just Don't Need To' Company? And Is That A Good Thing?

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What is a 'just don't need to' company?  IMO it's a company that is doing so well and kicking so much ass that they

just don't need to (fill in the blank)

Some people may think that's a great thing and they are so successful that nothing matters!  They made it!!  I say 'hmmmmm?' to that.  There are so many things in this world that take a lot of time to achieve and those things are directly related to business growth and success.  If you are a 'just don't need to' company and the day comes when you DO NEED TO then how will you make it happen right away?  Let's discuss a few things:

I just don't need to advertise  

If you are a 'I just don't need to advertise' company because you are kicking the sh*t out of business without ads then (hands clapping) and Bravo!!!  That's awesome!  I'm not saying that ads always work and in fact I told a story about how hard it is to track ads here on The Editor's Touch last year.  But I believe that always having 2-4 ads rotating every year is a positive thing and supports this industry as a whole.  Plus you never know what ad may bring you a new networking professional, a fabulous client, or a great opportunity with the publication you advertise with!  Ads can do more than just 'sit online' ... if you advertise with Every Last Detail then you are guaranteed MANY opportunities to be plugged on her Instagram feed and with the right hashtags!  

I just don't need to use social media

If you are getting leads from your relationships, word of mouth, and past clients then maybe you believe you don't need social media to capture the attention of potential brides ... but think about this:  if the day ever does come when you NEED a large following on Instagram or Facebook and you never put energy into it when you 'just didn't need to' then you are in a world of trouble because growing a following DOES NOT HAPPEN quickly.  Social media is something you have to work on every single day and the payout may be MONTHS or even YEARS in the future! I have been struggling to grow an IG following of over 15K and when I get there the party will be huge.  If you feel that you just don't need social media right now you may need it one day ... I urge you to put energy into growing there so that you have that bank when it's time to withdraw.

I just don't need a website that looks good

If you have a sh*tty website because you 'just don't need an impressive one' then my heart is hurting right now.  If most of your clients are referred to you and bypass your website because they just call or email you directly then you are dodging a bullet ... but for how long??  Every day more and more brides are using their phones to browse the internet ... people are wanting less of the 'voice to voice' and more of the 'let's see what you're about first' experience and that means they are visiting your website and probably from a device of some kind rather than a desktop!  If the day does come for you when your website is keeping your pockets dry then this is not a last minute thing ... if you want the best website designers out there then you will be waiting to get them.  I am booking for February 2018 right now and it's not because I suck at my job!  Something to think about ... if you don't need a great website today but you want one by hiring season next year:  the time to schedule that is now.

I just don't need to get featured

Are you so busy that you either don't have time to submit your work or you don't feel it's necessary?  Getting featured has more pull than just the feature: you can grow your press page, you can get a link out there in the world to help your SEO, you can be recognized by the publication as one of the 'best' at your craft because they realize how f*cking awesome you are after they see your work, they can get you the attention of other wedding professionals who may want to refer you, a feature can get you social media love and help grow your Instagram following.  Getting featured is also not an overnight thing.  When I submit for my clients we sometimes wait MONTHS to see something out of it.  So you may not need to be featured TODAY ... but what about in 6 months???  Do you think you may want some online or print love then?

I just don't need to network

If you have your clique of people and are comfy cozy just sticking to them - well, good luck.  I am very anti 'cliques' and I feel they are the kiss of death for any business.  I wrote a blog post about small business owners who join cliques and I stand by every word of it.  Cliques keep you in and other people out .... nobody every heard the word 'clique' and had a positive reaction to it.  Networking is SO IMPORTANT!!!  You never know who you will meet and who you will start growing with!  You don't know the other connections people have - so don't discount that and don't assume.  Relationships take time to grow so by the time you 'do need to network' you may have some blooming relationships happening that will keep you plugging along!

Look, I get that it's hard to imagine a day when all this amazing business will stop or slow down ... but it happens to everyone at some point.  Adapting and changing and being ready is what makes business owners successful!!  So be ready!  Make sure you have the right tools in your toolkit to make it through the tougher times ... even if you 'just don't need them' yet ;)

XO~ Heather