It's A New Year + A New Website For Kathryn Pederson Events!

Website Design for Kathryn Pederson Events | The Editor's Touch Squarespace Designer
Heather is a phenom when it comes to all things digital and design. I came to her not knowing exactly what I wanted in a website redesign, which I am sure was a huge challenge for her. She not only took the time to ensure that my finished project exceeded my standards, but she made a personal investment in understanding me and who I am as a business owner. She made this entire experience collaborative (even though I could never in a million years design a website so beautifully) and fun! Thank you Heather!
— Katie, Kathryn Pederson Events

Happy New Year!!!!  I was thrilled to say good-bye to 2017 ... 2018 has been AMAZING thus far and getting even better with a website launch party for Kathryn Pederson Events ... an Orange County wedding planner ... !!!

Katie is a stunningly beautiful ball of wildly amazing energy ... each email made me feel like I was unstoppable which then made me feel like I could do for her exactly what I needed to do ... she has a way of lifting you up when you are feeling terrible and energizing you when you don't feel like you could possibly give anymore that day.  I absolutely ADORE her and can't wait to MEET her when I fly down to San Diego in March!

When Katie first hired me her website looked like this:

website that needs to be redesigned

Katie needed some website love and hired me for my 'mini website design' package ... she also needed a GORGEOUS new logo and hired Pirouette Paper to design one!

Here is the homepage that I designed for Kathryn Pederson Events with the logo that Kaylyn designed:

Squarespace Website Designer for Wedding Professionals and Creatives | The Editor's Touch

I am SUPER in love with the buttons I designed for Katie ... I believe this website to be very polished and exactly what Katie was dreaming of!

Below is a sneak graphic of the portfolio I designed for Katie:

Squarespace Website Designer

I can't wait to see what this new website does to help Katie achieve her goals as a wedding and event planner ... it's gonna be a good year, I just know it!

See the live website here >>

XO~ Heather