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I consider myself VERY lucky to work in the wedding industry ... I get to look at GORGEOUSNESS each and every day and not a lot of people can say that!  I get to mold, and create, and build creatively what I dream up in my mind and it's deliciously amazing.  When Kristen Weaver reached out to me I had to pinch myself ... Kristen Weaver Photography is calling little ole' me about their website design???  WHAT!!???  I truly couldn't believe my ears.  When I was the editor of Style Unveiled I would actually email Kristen practically BEGGING to feature her work ... Yes, I was and still am not opposed to begging ;)  Their Orlando wedding photography is some of the best IN THE WORLD and to get my hands on it again ... well, I will be on a high for YEARS. 

When I spoke with Kristen about her goals for this new website she said she wanted to attract current brides and grooms while still staying true to the classic photography style (timeless, as I call it) that people flock to KWP for.  She wanted it to be clean, easy to navigate, and chaos-free.  I believe I achieved that for her.

Below are screengrabs of the website KWP had before they hired me:

Kristen and I Skyped in length to make sure the direction I took was EXACTLY what she wanted.  I showed her some ideas online and she showed me what she was drawn to and what she felt would work well.  Because her work is so strong I wanted to make sure the PHOTOGRAPHY WAS THE HERO << not the 'fluff' of the website ... bells and whistles aren't needed when your work is as brilliant as theirs.

Below is a screengrab of the engagement portfolio page I designed.  I wanted a 'flow of colors' that worked well on each line ... I started with grey, white and green tones ... then moved into golds and blush ... and finally ending with whites, blues and a pop of color with those darling balloons.  Website visiting is an experience and it definitely matters which photos go next to which - there needs to be a strategy :)

Below is a sneak peek of the 'featured weddings' gallery portfolio page - here I wanted to make sure we reached the kind of bride who wants to see the romance and the type of bride who is all about details ... I sprinkled a bit of both on this page and that way both brides feel welcome to DROOL on this page and click around a bit ;)

KWP's press is impressive and I wanted to make sure the press page I built was brag-worthy and did its job << the job of a press page is to impress RIGHT AWAY and still keep your visitors around ... while these badges aren't clickable, they will create an immediate connection with a visitor who loves these publications and the bond will be sealed ;) | Kristen Weaver Photography Website Designer | The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Website Designer for Wedding Professionals and Creatives

I am super proud of this website I built and believe it will support all of the goals that Kristen had when she first consulted with me about her new website :)

CLICK to view the live website:

XO~ Heather