Lauren of Every Last Detail Will Work Her Ass Off For You!


Lately I have had quite a strong opinion about WHERE you should throw your advertising money ... I think because I believe that if you are going to invest in advertising then you better f*cking get something out of it ... which brings me to chatting about Lauren of Every Last Detail ... and I'm telling you:

This Girl Will Work Her Ass Off For You!!!!

I thought that I had energy ... but no way: not compared to Lauren.  Lauren amazes me with what she does for her members ... she sends over 4,400 clicks (on average per month) to the websites of her V List Members ... she prioritizes SUBMISSIONS and styled shoots that she produces from her V List Members ... she asks her V List Members for quotes for her posts, thus showcasing their expertise to her large bridal following ... and MORE ... she is the sh*t ... which is why I tell all my clients they really need to get on ELD!


Lauren is running a holiday special on her advertising pricing that goes from NOW until end of day tomorrow!!

If I was a wedding professional I would RUN, not walk, directly into Lauren's inbox and take advantage of this amazing offer ... and I'd feel amazing about it.  Below a quote from Lauren:

I strongly believe that advertising is a personal relationship, which is why I want you to know that you will always personally deal with me. I too have an investment in those who invest in me. If you choose to work with Every Last Detail, please know that I am just as invested in your business as you are in mine and I will do everything I can to make your investment worthwhile!

On a personal note, I love this girl ... Lauren is sweet, thoughtful, organized, loyal, and brilliant ... she's my friend and she impresses me daily.  

XO~ Heather