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Heather is absolutely amazing to work with! She is extremely talented when it comes to website design - she really IS taking the ugly off of the internet one website at a time!! Heather is very detailed when asking for the materials to build your website, I feel like I gave her very little direction and she created absolute magic!

She makes the entire process extremely easy and seamless. I would recommend Heather is anyone that is looking for a new website. She is the best of the best! Thank you Heather!
— Laura Ahmed, LC Floral Design

^^ THANK YOU, Laura!!!  This testimonial means the world to me!! XO!

I loooooooved building a website for LC Floral Design last week ... When Laura hired me her website just didn't 'flow' ... she was unhappy with how it looked and wanted something clean and organized.

Below is a screenshot of the homepage that LC Floral Design had BEFORE they hired me:

website that needs to be redesigned

Laura's work is amazing ... her blooms are beautiful and she is extremely detail oriented ... I didn't want to take away from any of that with her website.  I wanted her florals to be the hero and added accents that were very minimal yet made a BIG impact for the visitor.

Below is a screenshot of her portfolio landing page that I designed ... I love what these 'sneak peeks' click into ... her galleries are impressive and get the point across in all the right ways: | The Editor's Touch Website Design | Squarespace Website Designer | LC Floral Design

Overall last week was a total success.  LC Floral Design is already kicking ass and this website will help them achieve even more!!  I'm so excited to see what this next year+ will bring!

View the new website here >>

XO~ Heather