Less is More: The Current Trend in Website Design and Why 'All White Everything' is The Way to Go

Less is More: The New Trend in Website Design and Why 'All White Everything' is The Way to Go | The Editor's Touch

There is a popular trend in website style and I am SO glad.  The 'let's fit as much crap as we possibly can on our homepage and fill the entire site with text' website trend that was going on for a while (and still is for some people) gives me a headache.  The current trend is LESS IS MORE ... white space, gorgeous imagery, less text ... clean, clear, branded, concise, and NO FILLER.  Donchoo love that???

I am working on a website right now for Party Pieces by Perry (a Southern California vintage rentals company) and I am dying over it.  I wanted something that gave people a relaxed feeling ... nothing busy, nothing cluttered ... it needed to steer the client to WANT to rent from my client ... below is a sneak peek of the rough website I am designing:

Squarespace Website Design by Heather Sharpe | The Editor's Touch

This website is welcoming.  I want to see more ... I want to LIVE in this website.  The Party Pieces by Perry website is not a template ... it's a website I am designing from scratch ... I am using Squarespace and the galleries are going to be crazy beautiful.  I am so excited to launch this website for Gizelle!!!  Her pieces are unique and they deserve to be showcased on a well designed website so she can grow her business even more!

Here is another example of something I am designing for a client:

Domenica Beauty Website Design by Heather Sharpe | Squarespace Website Design | The Editor's Touch

For Domenica Beauty I want her brand and the images of her clients to show without all the clutter of color and splashy texture behind ... a bride wants to imagine she is the one in the photo and it's hard to do that if the website is jumping off the screen and dancing about.  Domenica Beauty's website is also not a template ... I started with clean pages and am adding as we go to create a calm and peaceful mood with beautiful photos that sell her services.

Another thing to keep in mind is your logo.  Cartoony logos with a lot of clipart are really falling out ... what you want to do is make your name stand out and add your own pizzazz either with the font you choose or maybe some gold foiled accents ... keeping it simple.  Your logo doesn't need to tell someone your entire story.  It doesn't need to include every single thing you do for your clients ... it just needs to draw attention and keep it ... something that speaks about you as a company without being too overload about it.  Your logo should SUPPORT your business - not attack your client ;)

XO~ Heather

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