Let's Meet: Kaylyn of Pirouette Paper Company

Kaylyn of Pirouette Paper Company

I am starting a new post series on The Editor's Touch blog because I get to meet so many amazing business owners ... people who are getting sh*t done and who inspire me to keep on going!  If you are just starting out or need some motivation or a reminder of how hard we all work ... where we came from ... or why you fell in love with your craft - I think it helps to hear from other boss babes and entrepreneurs who are doing the same thing too! 

Starting off with my client Kaylyn of Pirouette Paper Company:

Walk us through a traditional work week for you: time you start, do you eat lunch? time you try to end?

I wake up at 5:36am, go to pilates from 6-7am, shower and then pretty much get started as soon as Jimmy leaves for work at 7:40am. Most of the time I forget to eat. My work day revolves around my dogs' sleeping schedule as well haha. 

Grayson and Olive

- Mondays: catching up on emails, estimates, invoices, etc. Usually the biggest "office day" for me

- Tuesdays: order days - I'll work on getting all of my card orders done and that usually takes the entire day (until after dinner even)

- Wednesdays and Thursdays: usually my on-site day or calligraphy days - if I have a mirror writing or something that requires me on site at an event, I try to schedule it for these days. Or, if I'm working on pieces for weddings or events, these are usually my "art/calligraphy" days where I'm completing these projects

- Fridays: a half order day - get the rest of the orders done or any orders that came in after Tues. The rest is completing any other projects for weddings. 

All days I have some designing, emailing, blog prepping, social media planning, etc. to keep up on as well. But that's the jist. 

Pirouette Paper Company | Calligraphy and Fine Stationery Designer

If you could only use ONE social media platform which one would you keep and why?

I would have to say Instagram. I love it because it's photo-based, but also because it's where I get the most business from! I love that I can post photos, videos and stories and Instagram makes it easy for people to share your posts with other people.  

What is your biggest frustration in the business owner 'world' right now and what's your answer to pushing through anyway?

People undervaluing your work. As an artist, there's no bigger slap in the face then when people don't realize how much time, love and work went into the pieces you deliver. I've been seeing and experiencing that more and more lately with all types of vendors - hair and makeup, florists, photographers, etc. My answer to push through from that is to find the people who appreciate your talents and stick with them. If you have a gut feeling that you're going to end up disappointed after working with them, then just say no to that project. Find the people who truly appreciate your work.

What are the 3 most celebrated times you've had as a business owner?

  1. Getting published on my first couple blogs (that was exciting but I didn't really understand why at the time haha
  2. My first year turning a profit (even though it was small) - exciting to see that my hard work was literally paying off/first time seeing that I could really make this what I do
  3. My first invitation set! It was AWFUL, like, so embarrassing now. But I was so honored that someone actually trusted me with their wedding invitations. To this day, I still feel honored when clients hire me for their wedding! 

Why paper and calligraphy?  How did you fall in love with it all?

I took a workshop about four years ago and just fell in love with it. I went home, practiced for days and called my mom saying, "this is what I want to do".  I've always made cards for people ever since I can remember, but never thought of that or anything art-related as a career. I've always loved pretty paper goods, but now being able to design, write, paint or print on it, I just fall in love with it all over again with every project. 

Pirouette Paper Company

What 2 things could your business never succeed without?

  1. Networking and strong relationships for sure! I don't know what I would do without my little group of vendors that gives me advice, listens to me vent, lends a helping hand, etc. It's so amazing to build relationships with other vendors because 1) it's great to have people to refer and 2) to have people to chat with because they're in the same industry and are probably going through or have dealt with the same ups and downs as you. They also constantly inspire me to be the best I can be and give wonderful ideas that end up helping in building my business. I love when other vendors say "oh my gosh I was just looking at your shop, have you ever thought about this??" and it gets my wheels turning into new ideas all the time! 
  2. My business could also never survive without my website. Heather is not paying me to say this neither did she ask me to and is probably going to make me write something else but I'm so serious. Literally the other day I got a comment saying "oh my gosh I just looked at your site for 2 seconds and I NEED you for my wedding!". Having my website re-vamped, totally optimized and searchable, and with a professional homepage that is totally branded gives you a serious business-confidence boost. When Heather did my site originally, it made me feel like I could really do "this whole running my business thing" and it motivated me to keep getting better. Having a website that you are able to show people and be proud of is #1. 

Thank you Kaylyn for being the first one in this blog series for The Editor's Touch!!  (I love that as I'm putting this post together we are simultaneously texting back and forth ... you're my #1 ninja) <3

XO~ Heather