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I had been eyeing Heather’s work with The Editor’s Touch for quite some time prior to reaching out to her, pouring over the details of her clients’ recently launched websites, and reading each and every review along the way.
When I knew it was time to take my website to the next level, I reached out by email, heard back from her within minutes it seemed, and we had a call set up to discuss my needs and expectations on the very same day.
I quickly realized that my new website was more than a “pretty project,” but a smart and practical one as well. The SEO and UEO optimization is something that my website had never really had in 14 years! *gasp!
As a professional who relies on a visual medium to sell services as well as design for my own roster of clients, I particularly love the visual flow and the ease of navigation, as well as the sophisticated simplicity of the blog.
Pros and Cons:
Pro: This baby went up swiftly! I had received previous proposals for a website design and launch within 6 months from other sources. There were also very particular revisions on my part, (Heather is indeed a saint!) which did not seem to impede our momentum one bit.
Con: Now I expect EVERYONE in my industry to work like this! *wink
Conclusion: If you have been looking, thinking and wondering, just act! The Editor’s Touch was an easy decision for me to make in my business, in which the dividends will far surpass the investment!
xx, LS
— Lisa Stoner Events

When Lisa Stoner reached out to me I was beyond myself with excitement ... Not only is she AMAZING at what she does, but more than that:  she is a strong soul, a kind person, and is fun to 'be around' << and I haven't actually been around her, but her energy comes through in her emails and each time we communicated about her website it was like a breath of fresh air.

Lisa had a Wix website when she came to me and it was time for me to do what I do best:  REMOVE what is hurting a business from the internet and replace it with a website that is BUILT FOR SUCCESS!!

Below are screenshots of the website Lisa Stoner Events had BEFORE working with me:


For the homepage Lisa wanted something soft and romantic while at the same time getting her point across and creating interest ... I know we achieved that ... take a look at the homepage I designed for her below: | Lisa Stoner Events Website Designer | The Editor's Touch

I took an element that was designed for her branding and utilized it in her portfolio ... I love how it weaves together a beautiful look and feel but doesn't create chaos ... the gold framing adds a touch of elegance and supports the message that Lisa Stoner Events wants her brand to portray: | Lisa Stoner Events Website Designer | The Editor's Touch

All in all I believe that this is and will continue to be a success story for my client.  I'm excited to check back with her in a few months to see how her analytics are behaving and what the new website has done to elevate her business.

View the live and launched website here:

XO~ Heather