Losing a Client After They Have Paid a Retainer to Hire You: Hurts Like a Motherf*cker ... F*cker

Losing a Client After They Have Paid a Retainer to Hire You | The Editor's Touch

Since launching The Editor's Touch in May of this year I have lost 2 clients after they hired me ... after they secured me with a retainer ... after I had created a website concept for them.  Let's talk about this, because I know (I hope!!!) I am not the only business owner out there who this happens to ... and regardless of if it was on good terms or if you did everything right:

>> It's gonna hurt like a motherf*cker ... f*cker <<

Like I said, this has happened to me twice now ... the first time it was because my client decided to change their entire business plan and life and even though the site I had designed for them was beautiful and they loved it, they had to let it go and do something else with their life.  Still stung, I was still sad ... I went through my "omg nobody will ever hire me again" ... "what will people think" ... "The Editor's Touch is coming to an end" ... I ranted.  I definitely had my hour of being sad ... and then it was over, I moved on.  The second time *just* happened and I am still thrown off, still sad, still wearing a face like: whaaaaa!!??  I am confused.  But: after I go through these feelings of negativity and questioning everything I've ever done I will pick myself up and move on.

Here's the thing: this happens ... it will happen to everyone!  A couple will hire you to cater their wedding, they'll pay the retainer, you'll make a bond and get excited together about all the possibilities ... they'll come to their tasting ... then you'll get an awkward call or email and they'll tell you that they have decided to go in another direction.  They'll swear it had nothing to do with you and they loved everything you had to offer. ... but: how can you possibly believe them!?

Losing confidence when you're a business owner is super hard ... it throws you off your game ... it makes you feel inadequate ... it HURTS LIKE A MOTHERF*CKER ... F*CKER ... but if you are still in business and still kicking ass then at least you (I!) know it doesn't last forever ... and maybe it just brings us back to earth?  Reminds us of how fragile owning a business is!  That not everything will always go perfectly and that sh*t happens.

I'd love to hear in comments if anyone else has struggled with this?  How you deal with it?  How you bounce back?  I feel like some positive ideas would certainly help me today and anyone else who may be going through this.

XO~ Heather