Love Detailed - I Adore These Ladies!

Love Detailed

If you have ever worked with me then you know how much I looooooooove to collaborate!  It's so much fun and creates so much positive energy to bring amazing professionals together and introduce people who might be able to kick a little ass together and grow their businesses even more.  I swear, the word competition doesn't even belong in my world - because I truly believe that if you can get along with the people in your field it will only bring you more success.  Which brings me to the lovely ladies of:

>> Love Detailed <<

I had the most amazing phone convo with Dana and Brooke yesterday.  I originally found them on Instagram and was immediately smitten - the brand they are building is the sh*t - but then I started thinking about my own brand and my own message and decided to give them a jingle.  What progressed from that point on was ... well, you'll find out (wink, wink).

Aside from the fact that I want to work with Dana and Brooke, I want to put it out there that YOU may want to also work with them!  Love Detailed offers so many great and necessary services which include:  website design, brand identity, social media management, consulting, and content creation << and much more.  They are passionate about their craft and it truly shows.  But don't take my word for it ... go check 'em out and see for yourself!

XO~ Heather