I Was Invited To Speak in Orange County at a Love Luxe Life Luncheon!

Speaker at a Love Luxe Life Luncheon | The Editor's Touch

I am afraid of two very real things in this world: sharks and speaking.  It's rare that something I am terrified of keeps me from moving forward and growing, but these two things have done a pretty good job at making sure I don't get near either ... in fact me and the ocean rarely mix.  A few months ago I was asked by Jeannie Savage of Details Details Wedding and Event Planning to come speak at a Love Luxe Life luncheon in Orange County.  The idea scared me like you wouldn't believe, but there was something stronger pulling at me:  an opportunity to meet and have lunch with wedding professionals I have LOVED and been a fan of for YEARS!!!  I knew that even my huge fear of speaking couldn't stop me - so on Wednesday of this last week me and one of my best friends, Kimberly of Alante Photography, boarded a plan that headed down to the OC.

The trip was AMAZING - and I learned that speaking to a group is not my enemy.  I felt so empowered up there while I was speaking - so savvy - so strong!!  It was one of the biggest highs I've ever felt and I got to meet the most amazing people.  Kimberly, being a kick-ass photographer, documented our trip.  We were so lucky to be able to stay at The Resort at Pelican Hill ... below are some clicks from our time there!

XO~ Heather

Pssssst ... Kim, am I really on my phone **this** much!!??? LOL