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I’ve known Heather for several years now and was excited to hear she was designing websites for event professionals. With her background in weddings and SEO, I knew she was the perfect for what I needed to get my site to the next level.
I reserved Heather back in the Spring and it was the best investment I’ve made this year for my business. She understood my vision based on seeing my work. Working with Heather has been flawless and seamless, I sent her Dropbox links to my all the galleries and she picked the photos. In the past, I had to hand pick the photos I wanted featured, but Heather was instrumental in picking all the right photos that she knew conveyed the right visuals that potential clients are looking for and wanting to see.
I gave her the style and direction I wanted and from there she showed me a lay-out 3 days later.
It’s been a great working experience, worth the months of waiting to get exactly what I want.
Thank you Heather
— Thomas Bui

When Thomas Bui hired me it was right after I was a speaker at a Love Luxe Life luncheon in Orange County.  The main reason for changing the website he had was because it wasn't mobile optimized.  I was really excited to design for Thomas because the events and weddings that Thomas Bui Lifestyle creates are some of the best I have ever seen.

Below is a screenshot of the website he had for his company before he hired me:

webiste that needs a redesign

Thomas Bui is an amazing event designer and an amazing person.  His happiness and the way his passion comes through in his voice is infectious ... we all need someone like Thomas Bui in our life.  When I sat down to design for him I knew I wanted a website that WAS him - that was everything I love about Thomas wrapped into a chic, sophisticated, and well organized website.  One of my favorite photos of Thomas is one of him wearing a tuxedo and I was immediately inspired to design a website that felt like a tuxedo and so this was born:

Below is the scrolling homepage I designed for Thomas Bui Lifestyle: | The Editor's Touch | Website Designer for Thomas Bui Lifestyle | Squarespace Web Design

The website I designed is couture, luxe, and sleek ... plus masculine while still appealing to female energy ... it drives a visitor to want to poke around and dig a little deeper.  I love the scrolling homepage for a mobile and a desktop and it's filled with lots of 'calls to action' buttons and offers for the visitors.

I am SO excited to see how this website works for this amazing San Diego wedding and event company!!

Visit the live site here:

XO~ Heather