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It truly makes a world of difference when you are working with someone who is passionate about their work. Heather from the beginning was quick to respond to all of our questions and was incredibly timely on the entire project completion. In addition she understands our industry so it makes for such a seamless process. She is definitely a pro at what she does and it shows in her final product. We were very fortunate to have her on our side while launching our new business.
— Lindsay Longacre, LVL Academy

When I started Style Unveiled in 2008 I was able to grow some amazing relationships with the 'then' future rockstars of our industry ... and one of those companies was LVL Weddings and Events.  They launched their business in 2007 just one year before I started getting to know them and feature their weddings and events on Style Unveiled.  We all know the work of LVL ... we admire it on Instagram, we love working with them, and some of us are lucky enough to LEARN from them during their LVL Academy Workshops.

LVL Academy used to be a page on the LVL Weddings and Events website - but for SEO purposes and because they 'outgrew' that space with how awesome they are, it was necessary to have an online space that they could call home ... and that led to a conversation with me ... and as I'm sure you can guess:  I was honored to be considered for this amazing opportunity.

Working with Lindsay Longacre and Heather Hoesch is so much fun!  These girls GET IT and know what their voice is in this industry.  They sent over the materials and I got to work on a concept for LVL Academy.  Their logo, which I am obsessed with, was designed by Ashley & Malone and the images were taken by Lorely Meza.  

Below is a screenshot of the homepage I designed for LVL Academy: | LVL Academy Website Designer | Workshops for Wedding Planners | The Editor's Touch

This website is still a work in progress ... but if you are a wedding planner who is even considering taking the LVL Academy Workshop then GET ON THEIR MAILING LIST NOW!!!!  It's easy to do ... simply go to the website and enter your email into the 'pop up' newsletter box OR scroll to the very bottom of their website and enter your email into the newsletter sign up.  You could even win a darling 'Planner Life' t-shirt just by taking the few seconds to send them your email ... I heard from a little bird that a giveaway may be happening soon ;)

Planner Life t-shirt | LVL Academy

These ladies ARE IT ... truly.  There will be more announcements and new about LVL Academy coming up as more is added to their website :)

XO~ Heather