Wedding Pros: We Need to Have a Little Chat Again ...

Macarons or Macaroons | The Editor's Touch

Ok, you may recall me getting on my soapbox about the misuse of the following words: stationery and 'sneak peek' ... well, I'm here again to explain that we all need to use these words correctly:

Macarons and Macaroons

These are two entirely different treats ... yet I see wedding pros constantly spelling MACARONS with two o's to spell: macaroon.  Let's discuss:

I sorta said before in my post that we, as wedding professionals, really need to show that we are as SMART as we are CREATIVE: not because we give a sh*t about what people think, but because we want to show that we DO KNOW what we are talking about ... and if you are a wedding coordinator, or gawd forbid a wedding cake designer (eek!!) and you post some lovely macarons and you spell it MACAROONS << eek, **that don't look good** ... so let's just pass this post around to remind all of us that macarons look like this:

Blush Pink Macarons

... and macarOOns look like this:


Now: onto more important things: if anyone would like to 'thank' me for writing this post I accept either of these delicious desserts ... 

XO~ Heather