I Just Designed A Website In Under 5 Hours ... Congratulations, Mad Chicken Studio Boudoir!

Website Design for Duluth Boudoir Photography Company Mad Chicken Studio | The Editor's Touch

My entire day has been spent looking at asses and boobs ... how often can someone say that!?  I feel all motivated to hit the gym and get myself ready for some naked camera time!  I was so motivated to kick ass that I sat and completed this website for my client, Mad Chicken Studio, in under 5 hours ... and boy am I tired and ready for a drink!! 

Below are screengrabs of the website that Mad Chicken Studio had for their boudoir site earlier today:

And here are a few of the website I designed for Jes:

Now, websites don't typically get designed in under 5 hours .... this was a record.  There are many things that factored into that.  The most important of them being that Jes is a rockstar client.  She is clear, gets me what I need on time, doesn't ask a lot of questions, let's me do my thing, and then she approves it and we're done.  This is not everyone ... and I don't expect it to be!!  But I adore working with Jes of Mad Chicken Studio ... we definitely make **the pretty** together!

Here is a testimonial that Jes just sent me:

"I don't even know where to start when it comes to this lady! There aren't enough positive adjectives out there to say how I feel. I was thrilled with every step of the process. Heather was so patient with me {which was definitely needed ;)}. She listened to everything that was important to me, and shared her thoughts. I was most impressed when she called me with something that wasn't working for her, design wise. I knew that she had my back, and was giving me her absolute best. Her sense of design and style is top notch, and designed the most gosh darn attractive site I have ever seen, while making my images shine. She literally turned my business to gold. Seeing the stats on the site showing that people are staying longer to look, makes me so so happy. There are so many more great things I could say!"

And(!!!!) here is the link to view the live website:  Mad Chicken Studio Boudoir 

XO~ Heather