Squarespace Introduces 5 New Magazine Style Website Templates!

Squarespace Introduces 5 New Magazine Style Website Templates

For those of you who might not know, I design all of the websites for my clients using Squarespace.  I design using blank pages, however the base of what I start with is one of the amazing templates that they offer.  I have been waiting and waiting for them to introduce new template options and that day is here!!!

Squarespace just introduced 5 new templates and they are inspired by a magazine layout style.  Those templates are:   HauteFarroTudorSkye, and Foundry

I am so excited for some of my future clients that find these layouts to be their cup of tea - I have already started playing around with all 5 of these new Squarespace templates and the different ways I can customize each one is amazing!  Eek!  I'm like a kid in a candy shop ...

XO~ Heather 

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