Congratulations to Magnolia Event Design! It's Time To Announce This Gorgeous Website Launch!

The Editor's Touch Review and Testimonial | Heather Sharpe | Squarespace Website Designer

There are clients that I fall in love with instantly ... they have my heart and I'm in.  That was the way it was with Lindsey of Magnolia Event Design.  Lindsey and I have history ... I featured her weddings on Style Unveiled often and it was always so much fun to work with her ... then I launched The Editor's Touch and she hired me to design her website.  This is when I *really* got to know Lindsey and all of the amazing Lindsey-isms that I now cherish.

When a text pops in from Lindsey I know I am in for either a question that is blunt and to the point (exactly how I like them to be) or a video that will have me laughing out loud for the rest of the day.  Lindsey, like me, doesn't really have a filter and like me, doesn't give a sh*t that she doesn't.  And don't even get me started about her weddings and events which are top notch.  Santa Barbara weddings that are planned and designed by this girl are beyond beautiful ... and her new website is now a platform to show them off in style.

Magnolia Event Design in Santa Barbara | Website Design by Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

When I sat down to meditate on the strategy for Lindsey's new website I knew it had to pull a bride in RIGHT AWAY ... they had to be hit with everything Lindsey brings to the table at one glance.  It had to be memorable and it had to make a bride want to click around from wherever she clicked in to << remember, these days a potential client doesn't always click immediately to your homepage, so EVERY page on your website has to be impressive!!  I designed a layout that I believe will do the trick ;)

The new portfolio landing page for Magnolia Event Design currently hosts 21 real weddings and I made sure to choose images that were nicely paired with their neighbors to create a comfy feeling for anyone browsing.  Image selection is one thing, but making sure the images surrounding each image is another ... for me it's like putting together pieces of a puzzle ... and, as a perfectionist, the pieces have to fit perfectly.

Magnolia Event Design Portfolio Landing Page Designed by Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

^^ that page can be viewed here and scrolls down beautifully on a desktop, tablet, or a mobile phone :)  So in love!

I love this website ... it feels like a home I never want to leave ... each time I click in I just sit and stare.  That is the sign of something done beautifully well.  Congrats, Lindsey and the entire Magnolia Event Design team!!  2016 is going to be an amazing year for you!

Lindsey sent me this testimonial that I want to share:

"Heather Sharpe is a web design dynamo!  She is passionate about web design, the event industry and her clients.  I felt comfortable for the first time ever, discussing web design terms (or lack thereof) and felt as though I had the ability to give limited input and ideas and step away knowing that she knew about the industry that I work in and therefore she didn't need me to micromanage what a bride would see or be looking for.  I looked forward to our website chats and went from being fearful of touching or editing my website to being empowered and educated.  Heather worked night and day to make sure that I loved my site.  Heather doesn't settle for good, she wants great!  I am so grateful that I had Heather and The Editor's Touch on Magnolia Event Design's website redesign - it was a great business decision and I am so happy with the outcome.   

Hiring Heather Sharpe and The Editors Touch was by far the smartest and best business decision I have ever made!  Hiring Heather is like hiring the brain of a bride and the brain of the quiet web geek who codes in the back of the advanced statistics class, for fun ... and then you put those qualities inside this dynamo of a badass blonde bombshell and BAM - sit back and wait for the magic to be created!  Heather is the event industry's most sought after website designer.  Her work speaks for itself and her passion comes through the pages and jumps off the screen to capture your viewers and bring them in." 

Wow.  Thank you, Lindsey!!  I have to say:  I'm really sad this project is over!

View the live website here:

XO~ Heather

Website Design by Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch