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Last week I shared a few Google yummies on here with a post about 3 search engine optimization ideas for your website or blog.  I told you I'd be back ... and I am!  Today I will share 2 tips that are easy to implement into your blog posts.  Did you catch my post yesterday about creating a blogging schedule you can stick to?  These 2 tips will come in handy when you start posting each week :)

>> Your Title and Your Post URL Don't Need to Be the Same and Probably Shouldn't Be <<

The title for your blog posts should catch the attention of your readers.  The url of your blog posts should catch the attention of search engines.  Make sense?

For instance, today I used two of my favorite candies in the title ... now unless I want to be found when people search for Sour Patch Kids, it wasn't a very smart SEO choice ... so I changed the url of this post to: make-your-blog-posts-google-friendly

I don't know who you use for your blog (Wordpress, Squarespace, etc) but I do know that unless you are using a super old program that hasn't been updated since 'I don't know when' ... I'm pretty sure you have the capability to do this.

>> What should I change the blog post URL to?? <<

Whatever candy you think Google will eat up!  Don't make it broad if you are a local wedding professional ... and don't make it anything where you'll have too much competition to have it do you any good (like: wedding dresses) ... here's an example: if you are a Nashville wedding photographer and you are posting about a wedding you just had at Belle Meade Plantation, you could do this:

Title Text: Clara and Tom's Romantic and Rustic Wedding at Belle Meade Plantation

URL Text: /nashville-wedding-venue-belle-meade-plantation

^^ just an example.  Need help in figuring out how to set up your blog posts to do this?  Contact me and I can help!

>> Link Old Posts In New Posts Where it Makes Sense <<

You can see an example of this in the first paragraph of this post.  In fact, I am constantly referring to old posts on this blog for readers to CLICK << but clicking isn't my only goal ;)  I also want Google's robots to see those text links and say: "ahhh ha!!  this blog has great content about tips for websites and blogs and social media"  So, I tell Google that I do!

If you are posting at least 3 times per week on your company blog you will have ZERO issues with this and it's my advice that you do this each time you post.  Remember:  what you do TODAY will matter 6 MONTHS from now!!  So don't procrastinate when it comes to SEO.  If you just posted yesterday about a beautiful wedding at The Fairmont in Seattle and today you are posting about your favorite Pins on Pinterest ... work something like this into the intro of your post:

>> Yesterday we had so much fun sharing the beautiful images from this Seattle wedding at The Fairmont with you ... and now we are going to change gears and share 5 Pins from our Pinterest boards. <<

The bold text in that sample would link to !!????? YEP!!  Your post about the Fairmont Seattle wedding you posted yesterday ;)  You're getting it!!  Not rocket science - just a bit of work.  Want a few more tips?  Check out these 5 easy ways to improve your website!

XO~ Heather