Congratulations to Michelle Beller Photography! This Website Is So Beautiful!!

Michelle Beller Photography | Website Design by Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

I am inclined to just say this right now:  here is the link to the website I designed for Michelle Beller Photography ... and then let you have at it ... because that is how GORGEOUS it is!  I just want you to go ... see ... click around ... but instead I'm going to blog a bit about the experience .... and if I already lost you to the link above:  have fun!!!

Working with Michelle Beller was so fun.  We would sit on the phone and the swear words would fly and we were both just comfy.  It was like working with a friend ... we got each other, we were on point, we got sh*t done.  And then there's her images ... like, wow.  My former wedding blog editor self was IN HEAVEN!!!  Each photo was more beautiful than the last ... best thing ever.

Michelle wanted a clean website that focused on her work ... that told a story.  I created pages that individually shared her different photography focuses and we built a blog that was a little different than most 'standard' blogs ... go see, you'll die.  The logo I designed for her gave a clean feel while still portraying a bit of personality and style ... the tones are awesome and I love how her images support the brand.

Michelle Beller Photography blog Layout Designed by Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

This is the first website for Michelle Beller Photography and I'm so honored she chose me to design it!  Ok, now if you are still around reading my words you can click out now and see it for yourself!

Link to the live website:

XO~ Heather

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