Michelle Dokey Interiors Had Me Drooling Over Her Designs While I Created Her New Online Space!

Where do I begin? I had a makeshift website that I had cobbled together when I started my business and a couple of years in, I felt like I really needed to up my game with a much stronger web presence. When I finally decided to take the plunge, I stalked Heather’s Instagram for a good several months, looked through every detail of about 15 different websites she had designed and finally contacted her, *hoping* she would take me on as a client.
I found her instantly engaging, responsive, hilarious and encouraging and knew immediately she would be the one I handed my website over to. She put my mind at ease right away by explaining her process and, with shockingly little direction from me, ultimately created something that I loved and could finally be proud of.
She has the whole process down to a science and is a website building machine!! Heather’s turnaround time and response time is insanely fast, her communication is clear and efficient and I absolutely LOVED working with her!! If you are considering hiring her, stop considering and just do it! Best decision ever!
— Michelle, Michelle Dokey Interiors + Events

I love weddings.  Trust me I do.  LOVE THEM!!  But, I really hope I'm never ever going to be having a wedding ever again ... because I'm sorta obsessed with my husband!  Ok, maybe a renewal of vows would be cool ... anyway, the point I'm trying to make is:  while I love weddings and wedding details and wedding deliciousness ... there might be something I love to look at more *ONLY* because I can actually fantasize about it for my own life ... and that is:


That's right.  A well dressed home ... sign me up!  I could stare of hours at beautiful beds, gorgeous kitchens and bathtubs fit for two ... and that's why when Michelle Dokey of Michelle Dokey Interiors + Events (a Southern California interior designer and event planner) rang me up, I was SUPER excited at the opportunity to turn her designs into a functionally and well designed website!  And since she plans events and weddings too, I had both of the things that send my eyes dancing right in front of my face!  WIN WIN.

We decided that my mini website design package would be perfect for her.  I created a clean space with image heavy pages that sold her work the second someone popped into the page.  I was excited to hear that she received an inquiry within a day of the website going live ... and I know there will be lots more where that came from.

Michelle, I'm so happy for you and your new website ... your growing family and everything coming your way!  

To see the live website >>  https://www.michelledokey.com/

XO~ Heather