Mobile Optimized Websites Are HUGELY Necessary | These Percentages Don't Lie

Mobile Optimized Websites for Your Company | Necessary for Google

How many times do you need to search for something or check something or confirm something using a website these days?  Multiple times an hour? lol ... And if you were sitting on the couch or on a treadmill at the gym or sitting at the doctor's office would you wait to find a desktop and do it then??  NOPE!  You'd grab your iPhone or your iPad and check it right then and there.  This is the NOW ... this is what we do.  I wrote an article a few weeks ago about how Google will be penalizing those websites that aren't mobile optimized and I decided to check my own metrics last night and I was SHOCKED!  I knew it was true ... but seeing is believing ... and these percentages don't lie:

Below is a screenshot of the daily traffic percentages that are desktop vs. mobile device:  on a daily basis The Editor's Touch traffic is 48% desktop use and 51% mobile device use.

When you go to monthly percentages it's even more of a difference ... 38% on a desktop and 61% on a mobile device!

Weekly use ... 38% desktop and 61% mobile device.

I went in and checked the traffic of all of the websites for wedding professionals I have already launched ... same exact thing!  Brides are searching on their phone too! 

Have you taken the test to see if your company website is mobile optimized?  I shared the link in << that post I just linked ... definitely take the few seconds to find out ... if you get a score less than AWESOME you definitely need to consider investing in a newly designed website for your company.

XO~ Heather

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