Planning a Styled Shoot?? The Model You Choose Can Make or Break Your Chances of a Published Feature!

Planning a Styled Shoot??  The Model You Choose Can Make or Break Your Chances of a Published Feature! | The Editor's Touch

There are two things that always broke my heart when I got submissions for Style Unveiled:

  1. Sh*tty photography for amazing details.
  2. Bad models.

These two things wasted on a styled shoot are the WORST and will kill your chances for a feature ... at least on a blog that has standards ;)  Let's talk about #2 today ... bad models.

If you are putting in the effort to create a styled shoot then you probably have goals surrounding it ... like getting it featured.  And my guess is you probably have aimed high ... like you want a big name wedding blog or magazine to pick it up ... you've dreamed up a gorgeous table with current or future trends, you've selected a cake designer to make a Pinterest viral dessert, the linens have been a month long decision because you had to have the perfect ones ... this is something you are DOING ALL THE WAY!!  You got a couture wedding dress!  You chose a photographer that isn't sh*tty - but who KICKS ASS at what they do .... and then you asked your friend to be the model ... wait, what???  Nooooooooooo.

I get it: you have friends.  Maybe even pretty friends who get hit on ALL THE TIME at the club ... your friend has a nice ass ... her hair falls well.  This, my lovely, does not a model make.  There is more than 'just being pretty' that makes a model.  Let's discuss:

  1. Bone Structure: There is a certain symmetry that makes a face look good in an image ... a person can be BEAUTIFUL in person and photograph badly ... models have a certain bone structure that the camera LOVES and that is why they are models.
  2. Body Type: You know how they say the camera adds 10 pounds??  That saying does not lie ... even if your friend has a killer bod: the camera may not agree.  I'm not saying to get a waif or your shoot is doomed .... but you need to consider this when you choose the person to play bride in your styled shoot.
  3. Pose and Posture:  Just 'sticking a leg out' and 'sticking your chest out' is not what makes a model ... posing and posture are KEY to making the image work.  What 'works in the club' to make a man drool is very different than what works for a wedding blog editor. 

Here is the thing: if you have a hugely talented photographer they may be able to make anything work ... but it's not likely!!  And why would you do that to them??  If you insist on having someone in your shoot play the 'bride' or the 'bridesmaid' then you need to make it just as big of a decision as the details.  Below are some examples of people who PICKED RIGHT!!  Enjoy!

The images below were photographed by Sposto Photography in a styled shoot produced by Green Apple Event Co ... this shoot was featured on Style Me Pretty.

The images below were featured on Every Last Detail and were photographed by Erin Whitman Photo Arte:

The images below were photographed by Milton Photography and featured on Joy Wed Blog:

The point is this: a styled shoot really isn't a time for you to EVER ask your friends to help out ... unless your friends really are professionals.  Styled shoots cost a lot of time and money ... and the end product NEEDS to benefit everyone.  If you choose a "model" who really has no business modeling you just threw a wrench in the entire project!

Here is a post I wrote about creating a successful styled shoot.

XO~ Heather