I Am Saying It!! You May Hate It!! My Cycle Affects My Work. Period.

How A Woman's Cycle Can Affect Her Work - The Good and The Bad | The Editor's Touch

I am going out on a limb here and guessing that over 90% of my traffic comes from the female species ... and for those men who don't want to hear about a woman's cycle: feel free to click out NOW.

I am sitting here in my sweats ... tired, cranky, close to either killing the first person who walks towards me or pulling them in for a hug and bursting into tears.  Yes, ladies: it's that time of month.

There is so much 'out there' about how women can't be taken seriously as a business type because we have periods ... because our hormones are hard to control ... because when Aunt Flow comes to town we can't function.  I'm here to say 'ok maybe??' ... Maybe we have our 'bad days' where we want to crawl under a blanket and be left alone ... but why isn't anyone talking about the days of our cycle when we kick the sh*t out of life?  When we can bust out massive amounts of work in a small period of time ... when we are pumped up with tons of energy and can conquer anything??  Let's discuss:

I am not making excuses here ... but I am so tired of the fear that we as women have that we can't say: Sorry I sound possessed by a demon right now - I am full on PMSing ... why is that not acceptable??  During the 1-2 weeks that lead up to your period you are less energized ... you feel crappy ... it's hard to get inspired.  Now, am I saying we should all just cut out of responsibility and close up shop during this time of our cycle?? No.  What I am saying is that I wish we could be more open about it ... and I think the time is NOW ... who here has heard of THINX??  THINX are the revolutionary 'period panties' that make pads and tampons disappear from your life ... the period shaming is over ... or at least it's close to being over ... so us as women need to embrace the fact that during the month we are going to have weeks when our female hormones are lower and we have more energy and we are going to have weeks where we are dragging our stiletto heels and forcing ourselves to get sh*t done.  If we can be more open with each other about it we may be less likely to have miscommunications or people thinking we are bitchy ... if you are able to tell the florist you are working on a project with 'not to take anything personally this week' because you are PMSing at least it's out there!  You'll probably be less judged if you appear to be cranky ... I do this with my friends!  If I am in full on PMS mode I let people know!  I say: LOOK OUT FOR ME!!  I am hating all things right now and it's nothing personal.  It makes a huge difference in my personal relationships with other women.  I've never taken it on the 'work relationship road' but I'm curious about how it would go over!  

TO BE CLEAR:  I am not saying ditch your workload because you're on the rag .. I am simply saying that I feel like we can embrace and admit that 'hey, it does affect how we work' for the better and for the worse ... and at the end of the day we still win over men because we will always be capable of MULTI-TASKING ;)  

XO~ Heather


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